New antisemitism

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New antisemitism is the concept that a new form of antisemitism has developed in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, emanating simultaneously from the far-left, radical Islam, and the far-right, and tending to manifest itself as opposition to Zionism and the State of Israel. The concept generally posits that much of what purports to be criticism of Israel by various individuals and world bodies, is, in fact, tantamount to demonization, and that, together with an alleged international resurgence of attacks on Jews and Jewish symbols, and an increased acceptance of antisemitic beliefs in public discourse, such demonization represents an evolution in the appearance of antisemitic beliefs.[1]

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Gaza Flotilla 2016!

ARRG! Why do they keep coming back?

An international Women’s Boat to Gaza will depart from Barcelona, Spain, later this week as part of a journey to the blockaded Mediterranean shores of Palestine. Here’s why one Canadian is joining this defiant journey to challenge Israeli control of Gaza’s shores.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition has been sending boats to break the illegal blockade of Gaza since 2010, after peaceful activists were murdered on board the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish ship that challenged the naval blockade of Gaza. Our goal is always to end the siege.

I can't imagine what it is like to live in fear for your life and way of living every hour of every day.
A lot of people ask me why I am sailing on the Women's Boat to Gaza. It has taken a good deal of time with my partner, talking in our garden, with my three children asking poignant questions and walking my puppy by the river to come up with the many answers that I have to this question.

 In the end, I am sailing because my conscience tells me to. I am sailing because the United Nations reports that Gaza will be uninhabitable in four years, and this is unconscionable to me.

It was during a long night in 2009, during Operation Cast Lead, as my news feed bombarded me with pictures of innocent children being injured, maimed and killed by Israeli attacks, that I knew I could not be silent.

 I called my good friend David Heap and together we formed Canada Boat to Gaza, with friends like Ehab Lotayef and Sandra Ruch, who also felt our sense of urgency. We decided to create an organization, Turtle Island Humanitarian Aid, and to join the Freedom Flotilla Coalition.
I could not sit silently in a suburban coma.
The coalition is made up of activists from countries around the world. Of note is the participation in this mission of South Africa, whose people know too well the consequences of apartheid. Canada Boat to Gaza has taken a lead role within this international effort to break the illegal blockade. 

Before the women's boat, we tried to send a boat from within Gaza, called Gaza's Ark, to challenge the blockade from the Gaza shores. That boat was bombed just prior to its sailing, in 2014, and along with the bombing, many hopes were dashed.

But here we are again.

As a Canadian-born woman, I can't even begin to imagine what that would mean for my children. I simply can't fathom walking by bombed-out schools and hospitals, having no running water or electricity, with a high probability of my husband or sons being imprisoned. 

I can't imagine how difficult it would be to live in the place with the highest unemployment rate in the world. I can't imagine what it is like to live in fear for your life and way of living every hour of every day.

And because I have read and listened and talked with people who understand this reality, I decided that I could not sit silently in a suburban coma. Silence is complicity. Our government is complicit in war crimes. That is a fact. Canada violates international law. 

That is also a fact. Justin Trudeau, like his predecessor, the notorious Stephen Harper, continues to ignore the most recent attacks on Gaza.

Something that gives me hope is that the Green Party of Canada, with a motion led by justice critic Dimitri Lascaris, has passed a resolution to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, aimed at targeting Israel's economy. 

This is a significant breakthrough in our current political landscape, and it also can help raise awareness about Canada's own shameful history. Our Canadian government created an apartheid system and called it the “reserve system.” 

This oppressive system was replicated in South Africa and now in Gaza, the world's largest open-air prison, collectively punished by Israel. Leaning on the lies or easy myths about Canada’s “peacekeeping” past, we hide behind the curtain, turning away when another innocent Palestinian child is maimed or killed.

My kids call me a hippie, because I always speak about truth, justice, and love. I accept the label if it means that together we can imagine a world that is free. In just a few days, I'll be sailing with women from around the world, women of conscience who will raise their voices in solidarity with our sisters in Gaza, to let them know they are seen and heard, to let them know they are not alone.

 When we reach the shores of Gaza, we will be joined by many women, men and children who will be reassured that, at the very least, the world is watching.

Hillary Helps US Mainstream Narrative Disintegrate, but Why?

Why is it sooo important to Hillary that she is president? 67 years old she should have a relaxing hobby. She and Bill could have a home on an island, drink Pina coladas, watch the sunsets together. Be peaceful.  How many of us would prefer to do that over being constantly on the run, giving stupid speeches, yelling, smiling, waving, TV cameras, Talk show spots, being fake...when we don't even have to?

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 thedailybell September 12, 2016
Hillary Clinton abruptly left the Sept. 11 memorial ceremony in New York City Sunday morning after feeling “overheated,” according to a campaign statement.

Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen,” Clinton campaign spokesperson Nick Merrill said in a statement Sunday morning.

“During the ceremony, she felt overheated so departed to go to her daughter’s apartment, and is feeling much better.” – CBS
Sometimes a confluence of events acts as a metaphor for what has gone wrong with a country or culture, and the recent collapse of Hillary Clinton presents just that. It also gives rise to a further question that we present at the end of this article.

Let’s start with the ceremony that Hillary attended yesterday. It was a remembrance of the attack on the World Trade Center. But the official story leaves much to be desired.
In reality, as we reported yesterday, the public Commission examining the attack was lied to by the US government.

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The lying was so ornate and flagrant that John Farmer, leader of the Commission and now the Dean of Rutgers School of Law, wrote a book detailing how the Commission’s voluminous report has little resemblance to whatever actually occurred.

One can speculate that Farmer wrote his book to defend himself from critics of the report. But no matter the reason, those politicians who gathered at “ground zero” yesterday were implicitly or explicitly endorsing the narrative of 9&11 as presented by the Commission.

Certainly, none of those politicians seem to have taken a strong position against the current narrative despite the questions of critics, as follows:
  • It seems impossible that a large jetliner could have flown low enough and long enough to smash into the Pentagon.
  • Pilots have also said that the maneuvers necessary to cause a collision between additional passenger jets and the World Trade Towers were likely physically and aerodynamically impossible.
  • The hijacked plane that supposedly crashed in Pennsylvania on its way to the White House left little behind in the way of wreckage and a fairly inconsequential depression in the ground. Critics have regularly questioned whether anything the size of a large plane crashed there.
  • Reports of calls between passengers and family members using mobile phones have reportedly been debunked. Mobile phones of the day did not function at that altitude. The planes in questions were not equipped with “plane” phones either. The FBI has indicated it cannot explain the calls.
  • Many of the so-called hijackers of the planes were later found alive and well in the Middle East. The FBI has explained these occurrences as the result of mis-identification.
  • The collapse of a third tower, Building 7, looks like a controlled demolition. Additionally, its destruction was reported by the BBC long before it actually occurred.
There are plenty of other anomalies regarding 9&11, just as there are regarding the reconstruction of the Twin Towers site itself. Insurance payments to the owner of the towers remain controversial, along with the construction of the new tower, which reportedly began long before the Twin Towers were destroyed.

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Finally, there is the question of Hillary’s health itself. She has continually claimed that her health is not an issue but obviously it is. In fact, the explanation for her recent bout of ill-health is that she is suffering from pneumonia. But this explanation makes little sense.

It doesn’t seem possible that her handlers would have sent her to a 90-plus-minute ceremony in dark clothing and already suffering from pneumonia. At the very least, they would have insisted that she make a short appearance and then withdraw.

Probably Hillary has something other then pneumonia. Her fits of coughing have been ascribed to allergies, but people usually get allergies from springtime pollen, not from something in the fall.
The above points summarize the faux narrative that was presented to the American people before and after Hillary’s collapse.
 Of course, we do not intend to present the idea that the failing US mainstream narrative is anything new. We can track misinformed reporting all the way back to the Constitution itself, which was forced through by Alexander Hamilton.

In fact, the real problems of the US from a constitutional standpoint commenced after the Civil War put the Northern banking structure firmly in charge of the country.
What is interesting about the current narrative, however, is that is taking place despite the day-by-day and hour-by-hour debunking of the Internet.

The people in charge of modern false narratives don’t seem to have much in the way of solutions when it comes to counteracting ‘Net debunking of disinformation.
One can venture two possibilities as a result. One is that those who disseminate false narratives in the US – and throughout the West- don’t care about the debunkery.

The second is that they do care but have no solutions other than to shut down the Inernet itself, or at least the alternative news media. This is currently very difficult to do, certainly in the US, which has strong constitutional anchors.

And so the spectacle of this disintegrating mainstream narrative continues to be presented. It cannot last forever, and probably cannot last much longer. What comes next is unclear, but what seems obvious is that the lies surrounding Hillary (and the larger narrative) are further discrediting the entire mainstream media, which has a disapproval rating near Congress’s single-digit lows.

Conclusion: Here is the lingering question: Is Hillary acting as unwitting agent of destruction or are those standing in the shadows behind her actively promoting what’s taking place? “Order out of chaos” … etc. Certainly her candidacy is doing real damage.

Nuclear War 11th hour- Sheikh Imran Hosein's Interview

Surely, a brand new global war will be good for the Jews but VERY BAD for everyone else.

"The mother of all false flag attacks is going to take place. Then there will be a cry for nuclear war. The stage is being set for the mother of all wars is about to take place. Russia and US want to avoid nuclear war but master plan is for Israel to emerge as the ruling state in the world."

INFORMATIVE VIDEO, In brief start at 18:30

Israel tasked with Haj security HAHA

Video just under 3 min. Dijjal is the one-eyed anti-Christ

Everything Islamic is under Zionist control. Dijjal seems to have a special ‘eye’ for Islam! In 2016 G4S boycotted Israel and was targeted for financial ruin via the Orlando shooting Israeli false flag via FL. gov Rick Scott.

Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, Al-Aqsa’s Mosque preacher has warned against Israel’s penetration into Arab and Islamic society through this company and pointed out that providing security for Haj pilgrims by Israeli intelligence and security corporation is not permissible or advisable. (this is a joke, Israel penetrated long ago!)

G4S, is an English Israel – linked corporation, which is assigned with the task of providing security for Haj pilgrimage, Israel’s radio website reported.

This Internet source said, Saudi government has signed a contract with this Israeli corporation in order to provide Haj security، during which electronic bracelets are put around Pilgrims’ wrists upon their arrival up to their departure.

This bracelet, equipped with advanced cutting – edge technology, allows foreign intelligence organizations which have strategic relations with Saudi to locate Hajis- Haj Pilgrims – whenever they desire.

This is the Saudi Arabian Police Badge, look carefully. It symbolizes “one-eyed”. This “one-eyed” symbol is used by the Freemasons. Freemasons are the Devil Worshipers. They work in Illuminati. In addition, most of the members of Freemasons are Jews.

This corporation has several branches across Saudi Arabia, in such cities as: Jeddah, Ta’if, Riyadh, and at the time of the events, security operations staff of the Saudi intelligence organization have to obtain information from this Israeli corporation.

This decision regarding Haj security has already sparked complaints from Muslim scholars over the past years.

Another document suggests that Saudi government has also signed a contract with this corporation in order to defend its Southern borders against Houthis attacks.

It is noteworthy to say that G4S is responsible for providing security for Israel regime’s prisons and has equipped this regime with a variety of torture devices as it played an active role in suppressing the Palestinian captives.
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Chulalong University Bangkok, July 2013

On July 13, 2013, the Times of Israel published the picture above and the subsequent reaction of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. It claimed that the image is a mural, but it is not difficult to see that it is a backstage curtain. 

 Note the Thai letters on the cement wall behind.  Moreover, this is not the first time I saw that drawing. Located at the commercial heart of Bangkok, Chulalong is a popular stop because surrounding it are some of the best Thai snacks in town, including a few serving the extraordinary blend of coffee, tamarind, palm oil and condensed milk that Thais favor as a morning drink.

The notion of “superheroes” is Western in nature. I would call them “drawn-movies,”+ and classify them as unsuitable for everyone older than five. Unrelated to our world, probably they account for much of Western worldwide violence (Hollywood Goes Jewish).

Western readers looking at the image with a bit of attention, would probably comment on one single feature of the complex creation: a figure resembling Adolf Hitler is hailing. A Thai girl is photographed while mocking him.

“Goodie!” said the manager in shift at the Simon Wiesenthal Center and went out riding a Jewish elephant to kill a Thai grasshopper.

Simon Who?
The Simon Wiesenthal Center was established in 1977 as “an international Jewish human rights organization dedicated to repairing the world one step at a time. The Center’s multifaceted mission generates changes through the Snider Social Action Institute and education by confronting antisemitism, hate and terrorism, promoting human rights and dignity, standing with Israel, defending the safety of Jews worldwide, and teaching the lessons of the Holocaust for future generations.”

‘Fake Jewish graves in Muslim cemeteries’: UNESCO slams Israeli occupation of Palestinian sites

Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem's Old City © Ammar Awad

As an example of its “humanitarian principles based on tolerance,” the center decided to destroy the Muslim Cemetery in Mamilla and to build on its location “The Center for Human Dignity” and the “Museum of Tolerance.”

The construction of the center began in June 2005 and was frozen by an Israeli Supreme Court order on February 2006. However, in November 2008, the same court allowed the construction to proceed, noting that this corner of the cemetery had been transformed into a parking lot as long ago as the 1960s and that Jerusalem has been inhabited for roughly 4000 years, and thus many ancient sites have been built over.

Jewish definitions of “tolerance” and “human dignity” do not extend to Muslims.
The Israeli Administration, through its Supreme Court, and Jewish international organizations, through the Simon Wiesenthal Center, agreed that building on a cemetery is acceptable. Does that apply to any cemetery or memorial?

In 1998, a Polish developer was granted permission to build a parking lot near the Auschwitz concentration camp. The developer, Janusz Marszalek, originally wanted to build a shopping center and fast food outlet, but was forced to change his plans after a wave of international protest, mainly by Jewish organizations.

 Ever since the topic re-appears on the news after developments on the area are approved or rejected. The development project was not in Auschwitz, but outside the complex. Why do Israeli and Jewish leaders discriminate between the two memorial sites? Do they claim that Jews are better, and thus worth of special treatment? Or, do they claim that Muslims are worse, and thus can be desecrated? (see Ghosts of Jerusalem)


Locked in their anti-pluralist view of human culture, Westerners stop analyzing the image after spotting Hitler. Yet, there are other Western atrocities pictured there. Stop saying irrelevant names and performing non-relevant analyses.

 Unless you are an English-speaking Westerner “Superman” means nothing, it is just a noise depicting an inexistent entity created by Uncle Sam. On the image, one can see a clear Communist symbol, a superhero dressed in red and featuring a yellow, five-pointed star. One can see a clear American Superman. 

The poster protests against Western violence; Communism came from the West. Without a clear German superhero symbol, they used the closest thing they knew. They added another white-monster on the right.

In its spectacular ignorance, the Simon Wiesenthal Center condemned Thailand’s Chulalong University and its Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts building, where the image was placed.

“We are outraged by those who created this travesty, at the young person posing using the Nazi ‘Seig Heil’ salute and appalled and disgusted by the total silence of the University’s elite for the apparent failure of anyone demanding its removal,” said Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. 

Last winter, he brought the Wiesenthal Center’s Courage To Remember Holocaust exhibit, translated into Thai, to Bangkok’s UN Hall. Due to his spectacular ignorance of how this was seen by locals (I am sorry, it is not my place to educate him), he fails to understand the reaction towards the unending Western violence.

Thai people were among the first to protest against the American attack on Iraq in 2003. I was in Bangkok at the time. The protests took place in a place near the UN Hall, at the Democracy Square, a main landmark of the city, which has been a central spot in the formation of the Thai Democracy. The Western hall was unfit. Think about that “Rabbi” Cooper. The university’s elite is teaching you a lesson that you better learn.

Simon Wiesenthal, why do you want to force your views on others? Is it out of love of Democracy? Simon Wiesenthal, why don’t you care about non-Jewish victims? Simon Wiesenthal, why do you promote eternal hatred and violence? Simon Wiesenthal, why do you promote the business of war? If you instigate violence, don’t cry when others condemn you and yours. Shame on you, and your cousin-weddings!

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 Killing 1400 and injuring over 4000 Palestinian civilians was not enough for Israel army, so they attacked Gaza zoo killing the animals in the zoo.

The world has remained cool over the 1,400 Christian and Muslim men, women and children killed by Israel during its 2008 invasion of Gaza—but will they care about the innocent caged animals slaughtered by Israeli soldiers at the little zoo in Gaza?

(GAZA CITY) - Video makes for hard evidence. That is a fact, and police and military groups that overstep the boundaries of decency are increasingly debuting on the worldwide screen through venues like YouTube, much to the chagrin of those who used to get away with much, much more.

The charges this time are against the Israel Defense Force and regard caged animals at the Gaza Zoo. Reporters with American Free Press say the acts were needless.

"Israeli soldiers rampaged through the little zoo and shot as many innocent caged animals at point blank range as they could."

The group suggests that if this wasn't Israel, we would be talking about a worldwide scandal that would make the front page cut of every daily paper and headline every evening newscast.

Those who defend the act suggest that the zoo and its animals were “collateral damage” of war that were unintended. But Zookeeper Emad Jamil Qasim sharply disagrees.

Image result for idf targets gaza zoo in war
A Palestinian boy is surrounded by dead animals cares for a wounded horse after Israeli shelling today in the northern Gaza strip on 30th of July

He says the soldiers of this religious state closely allied with the United States, entered the zoo and started shooting. Targets included monkeys in their cages.

"A mother monkey tried to hide with her baby in a clay pot, but the Israelis shot the pot to pieces and killed them," American Free Press stated in a news release.

Image result for idf targets gaza zoo in war

Emad Qasim talks about a pregnant camel that was one of the first animals killed. It was actually struck with a small missile according to reports. It is still lying in its cage in the video, and its face betrays the pain of its death from IDF military weapons, likely purchased with U.S. taxpayer funds.

Soldiers reportedly shot at lions in another cage, but they managed to get free and run for safety. The lions as it turns out, hid in one of the zoo offices.

It is reported that the Israelis spared the zoo's foxes, but people at the Gaza Zoo say they later turned on each other for food.

That is reportedly tied to the fact that the IDF would not allow Qasim to get to them in time to feed them.

"The hysterical foxes mauled each other to death in a frenzied act of cannibalism," he said.
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bombs target zoo

Israel has asserted many times in the past that their military is the "most moral" armed force of any nation on the planet.

But people on the ground there say the real nature of Israeli army’s is not so ideal, and the news of the shocking attack on the Gaza Zoo is one more piece of evidence that wears the "moral army" story down.

This story originally appeared in the January 25th issue of Gulf News, published in Abu Dhabi, and has been repeated on websites on the Internet.

Emad Qasim in Gaza says the Israelis apparently weren’t content with butchering the animals, and reports that the IDF is responsible for defacing the walls of the main building, and also for vandalizing a bathroom.

When asked to speculate as to why the Israelis targeted the zoo, he said, "I don’t know. You have to go and ask the Israelis. This is a place where people come to enjoy themselves. It’s not a place of politics."

"There was not a single person in this zoo. Just the animals. We all fled before they came. What purpose does it serve to walk around shooting animals and destroying the place?"

The zoo had in recent years, become a popular place for the Christian and Muslim children of Gaza.

"There was nowhere else for people to go. The Israelis destroyed the zoo and God’s four-legged creatures therein."

California Zionist Lawmakers OK Bill Penalizing Companies Boycotting Israel

  • None of these laws affect your right to criticize Israel, to boycott Israel, or to advocate for BDS.
  • While these laws are aimed at punishing BDS, they will likely have a limited impact, and BDS advocates can use these laws to shed more light on Palestinian issues and the purpose and goals of BDS.
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The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement works to end international support for Israel's oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law.

The anti-boycott bill is framed as a hate crime against Jews. ? How to make sense of it: List of US governors Israel owns so far

AB 2844 (Bloom) Sent to the Governor with Bipartisan Support from the Legislature

Assemblymember Marc Levine (D-Marin County), vice chair of the Legislative Jewish Caucus, released the following statement on this week’s passage of AB 2844 (Bloom). This bill seeks to prevent discriminatory boycotts of Israel such as the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. In doing so, AB 2844 reinforces the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by Governor Jerry Brown and Prime Minister Natanyahu in 2014.

 What does the Polish-Israel mob boss have to do with us Californians and why is our governor standing with him?

“The BDS movement is rooted in anti-Semitism and this legislation assures that such discrimination will not be rewarded with California tax dollars. California is not a discriminatory state and we are proud of our relationship with Israel. That relationship has been formalized by an MOU.

Under this MOU, Israeli engineers and scientists can help California solve some of our most pressing problems, especially in how we address California’s historic drought,” said Assemblymember Levine. “It only makes sense that California should expect our vendors to honor that formal relationship and not discriminate against Israel.”

AB 2844 provides that if a business chooses to discriminate through a boycott of Israel, California will not contract with that company as a state vendor. Under the MOU, California is collaborating with Israel on a comprehensive approach toward developing a sustainable water future in California. Israel also contributes expertise in environmental technology, education, health, agriculture, sustainable energy and clean technologies.

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Both houses of California’s legislature have now approved a bill to ban state government agencies from awarding contracts to companies that choose to join the international boycott against Israel’s continued occupation of Palestine.

The bill, AB 2844, if passed, would be a serious attack on the worldwide Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israeli apartheid and its treatment of Palestinians.

Companies who choose to boycott Israel, would be accused of being in violation of the state’s civil rights law and would not be permitted to accept a California government contract of $US100,000 or more.
The bill, which has eight different amendments, was eventually passed 60 to 0 in the assembly, and will now go to Governor Jerry Brown for has to decide whether to veto or sign the bill into law by the end of September.

BDS and civil rights advocates have urged Brown to veto the bill, while supporters of the bill have made much of the trade ties between the U.S. and Israel, as well as Israel’s positive treatment of LGBTQ persons as a reason for supporting AB 2844 – ignoring Israel’s long history of oppressing and collectively punishing Palestinians.

“AB 2844 is both an attack on the constitutional rights of Californians and a waste of taxpayer money, estimated to cost upwards of $140 million annually, according to the California Department of Finance, which opposes it,” read a statement from the Coalition to Stop AB 2844, which includes over 100 civil society organizations.

“Government should not be in the business of punishing supporters of BDS, whether corporations, universities, organizations or individuals, by denying them contracts,” said Nasser Barghouti from the U.S. Campaign to End The Israeli Occupation.

A number of other states, including New York and New Jersey, have passed similar laws to outlaw the boycott of Israel.

Who Owns Israel?

The Rothschilds typically operate behind the scenes. In the case of Israel, the Rothschilds engineered WWI and waited until 1917 when Britain was in trouble. The Rothschilds then promised the British Government that they could get the US to enter WWI (on the side of Britain) and thus ensure Britain’s victory over Germany et al.

 However, they wanted something in return: Palestine. Thus the Balfour Declaration was created, which is an official letter from the British Government Foreign Secretary James Balfour to Baron Rothschild. It states that: “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object.”

There is a big problem with this. Palestine was never Britain’s to give away. It rightfully belongs to the Arab and Palestinian people living there. The Rothschild Zionist Jews came in, took over and forcibly evacuated and killed millions of Palestinians who lived there.

They are still committing genocide to this day. The creation of the Zionist state Israel was massively unjust right from the start. Something conceived in iniquity breeds conflict down the road. It is no exaggeration to say that the founding of Israel itself may be the precursor to WWIII.
Zionist Israel controls the governments of the US, Britain, Canada, France and more – and the Rothschilds control Israel.

Image result for house of rothschild

Zionism in the Age of the Dictators

Edward Mortimer reviewing the book in the 11 February 1984 Times:
“Who told a Berlin audience in March 1912 that “each country can absorb only a limited number of Jews, if she doesn’t want disorders in her stomach. Germany already has too many Jews”?
No, not Adolf Hitler but Chaim Weizmann, later president of the World Zionist Organization and later still the first president of the state of Israel….
Zionism itself encouraged and exploited self-hatred in the Diaspora. It started from the assumption that anti-Semitism was inevitable and even in a sense justified so long as Jews were outside the land of Israel.
It is true that only an extreme lunatic fringe of Zionism went so far as to offer to join the war on Germany’s side in 1941, in the hope of establishing “the historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, and bound by a treaty with the German Reich.” Unfortunately this was the group which the present Prime Minister of Israel chose to join….
Mr Brenner is able to cite numerous cases where Zionists collaborated with anti-Semitic regimes, including Hitler’s; he is careful also to put on record the opposition to such policies within the Zionist movement.
In retrospect these activities have been defended as a distasteful but necessary expedient to save Jewish lives. But Brenner shows that most of the time this aim was secondary. The Zionist leaders wanted to help young, skilled and able-bodied Jews to emigrate to Palestine. They were never in the forefront of the struggle against fascism in Europe.”
Indeed the Stern Gang weren’t the only Zionist collaborators. On June 21, 1933 the Zionistische Vereinigung fur Deutschland, the German Zionist Federation, appealed to the Nazis:
“May we therefore be permitted to present our views, which, in our opinion, make possible a solution in keeping with the principles of the new German State of National Awakening…. because we, too, are against mixed marriage and are for maintaining the purity of the Jewish group….
For its practical aims, Zionism hopes to be able to win the collaboration even of a government fundamentally hostile to Jews…. Boycott propaganda – such as is currently being carried on against Germany in many ways – is in essence un-Zionist, because Zionism wants not to do battle but to convince and to build.”
The WZO made the Ha’ Avara (Transfer) agreement in 1933. The Nazis ‘taxed’ money leaving Germany, but the rate was lowest for German Zionists buying Nazi goods which the WZO sold in Palestine and the Middle East. In 1935 Weizmann explained that the WZO “should concern ourselves with the constructive solution of the German question through the transfer of the Jewish youth from Germany to Palestine, rather than with the question of equal rights of Jews in Germany.”
The WZO opposed anti-Nazi boycott movements. Fritz Reichart, the Gestapo’s Palestine agent, wrote to his headquarters:
“The London Boycott Conference was torpedoed from Tel Aviv be- cause the head of the Transfer in Palestine, in close contact with the consulate in Jerusalem, sent cables to London. Our main function here is to prevent, from Palestine, the unification of world Jewry on a basis hostile to Germany.”
The ZVfD asked Baron von Mildenstein of the Nazi SS elite corp to write pro-Zionist articles in the Nazi press. He visited Palestine for six months as the ZVfD’s guest and wrote 12 articles forDer Angriff (The Assault), the leading Nazi propaganda organ, about how Jewish soil under a Jew’s feet “reformed him and his kind in a decade. This new Jew will be a new people.”
To commemorate the Baron’s expedition, Propaganda Minister Goebbels had a medal struck: the Zionist star and EIN NAZI FÄHRT NACH PALÄSTINA — A Nazi Travels to Palestine — on one side, the swastika UND ERZÄHLT DAVON IM Angriff — And tells about it in Angriff — on the other.
zionismbrennerThe medal is on the front cover of the new edition of my book.
The WZO tried to extend its relationship with Nazism. On February 26, 1937, Feival Polkes of the Haganah Labor Zionist militia, met with Adolf Eichmann in Berlin. The report on their negotiations was in SS files found after the war:
“Polkes…. noted that the Haganah’s goal is to reach, as soon as possible, a Jewish majority in Palestine…. he declared himself willing to work for Germany in the form of providing intelligence as long as this does not oppose his own political goals.
Among other things he would support German foreign policy in the Near East. He would try to find oil sources for the German Reich without affecting British spheres of interest if the German monetary regulations were eased for Jewish emigrants to Palestine.”
Eichmann and another SS man went to Palestine on October 2nd. Polkes took them to a kibbutz, a Labor Zionist co-op farm. Two days later the British realized that the visitors also contacted Reichart, known to be a Gestapo agent, and they expelled them to Egypt. Polkes met them in Cairo. He passed on two pieces of “intelligence”:
“The Pan-Islamic World Congress convening in Berlin is in direct contact with two pro-Soviet Arab leaders: Emir Shekib Arslan and Emir Adil Arslan….The illegal Communist broadcasting station whose transmission to Germany is particularly strong, is, according to Polkes’ statement, assembled on a lorry that drives along the German-Luxembourg border when transmission is on the air.”
Later, Eichmann, hiding in Argentina, taped a look-back at his career. The holocaust’s prime organizer waxed nostalgic about Palestine:
“I did see enough to be very impressed by the way the Jewish colonists were building up their land. I admired their desperate will to live, the more so since I was myself an idealist. In the years that followed I often said to Jews with whom I had dealings that, had I been a Jew, I would have been a fanatical Zionist. I could not imagine being anything else. In fact, I would have been the most ardent Zionist imaginable.”
Most American pro-Zionists, Jew or gentile, know little Zionist history. Most can’t identify Vladimir Jabotinsky (1880 – 1940) even though he was the founder of the Zionist-Revisionist movement, the precursor of the Likud Party, and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s father was his secretary.

In 1917 Jabotinsky organized a Jewish Legion to help the British take Palestine from Ottoman Turkey. When Britain declared it the “Jewish national home,” Palestine included today’s Jordan. But in 1921 London separated it from Palestine and gave it to the son of Britain’s puppet Sharif of Mecca. As no Zionists lived there, WZO leaders accepted the loss.

 But Jabotinsky insisted that the WZO had to “revise” its policy. Britain giving part of Palestine to an Arab would inspire Palestinians to struggle on until London completely abandoned  Zionism. “One side of the Jordan is ours – and so is the other.” So goes Shtei Gadot, a song identified with Revisionism from 1923, when Jabotinsky founded the Betar youth movement, until well after the 1948 creation of Israel.
In 1923 he wrote Revisionism’s Bible, an article, “The Iron Wall (We and the Arabs)”:
“Every native population in the world resists colonists as long as it has the slightest hope of being able to rid itself of the danger of being colonized. That is what the Arabs in Palestine are doing, and what they will persist in doing as long as there remains a solitary spark of hope that they will be able to prevent the transformation of “Palestine” into the “Land of Israel.”….

Zionist colonization must either stop, or else proceed regardless of the native population. This means that it can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population –- behind an iron wall, which the native population cannot breach.”
Jabotinsky looked for a new imperial protector committed to a ruthless policy towards Arabs. Italy was appealing with its bloodthirsty Libyan colonialism. But he had been a student in Italy and couldn’t see anything wrong with the liberal and aristocratic traditions that Mussolini repudiated. In 1926 he sneered at Fascism:
“There is today a country where ‘programs’ have been replaced by the word of one man…Italy; the system is called Fascism: to give their prophet a title, they had to coin a new term—‘Duce’—which is a translation of that most absurd of all English words—‘leader’. Buffaloes follow a leader. Civilized men have no leaders.”
But for Ex-Labour Zionists turned Revisionist, ex-socialist Mussolini was a hero. At the 1932 Revisionist World Conference, Abba Achimeir and Wolfgang von Weisl proposed Jabotinsky as their Duce. He refused but, without abandoning liberal rhetoric, he incorporated Mussolini’s concepts into his ideology.

Jabotinsky proposed quitting the WZO, but their World Union Executive saw no gain in splitting. He took personal control of the movement and let the ranks choose between him and the Executive in a plebiscite. He wrote a letter: “The time has apparently come when there must be a single, principal controller in the movement, a ‘leader’, though I still hate the word. All right, if there must be one, there will be one.”

Jabotinsky set up the New Zionist Organization. Achimeir, its Palestine leader (Britain barred Jabotinsky from Palestine) ran his Yomen shel Fascisti (Diary of a Fascist) in their paper. Von Weisl, NZO’s Financial Director, told a newspaper that “He personally was a supporter of Fascism, and he rejoiced at the victory of Fascist Italy in Abyssinia as a triumph of the White races against the Black.”

In 1934 Mussolini authorized a Betar squadron at his maritime academy. In 1935 he met a rabbi and hailed “your fascist, Jabotinsky.” Mussolini reviewed the squadron in 1936.
The orientation towards Italy ended in a debacle. The Spanish civil war persuaded Mussolini to unite with Hitler to ward off worker revolutions. It was impossible to be Hitler’s ally and have Jews in his own party. He expelled Jews from the party and geared up for war. The Revisionists declared that they were wrong for the right reasons:
“For years we have warned the Jews not to insult the fascist regime in Italy. Let us be frank before we accuse others of the recent anti-Jewish laws in Italy; why not first accuse our own radical groups who are responsible for what happened.”
Stern and Shamir’s “historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis” evolved from this fanaticism.

Shmuel Merlin, NZO’s Secretary-General, later explained that in January 1933 Jabotinsky “thought that Hitler would either reform or yield to the pressure of the Junkers and Big Business.” But by March he called for an anti-Nazi boycott. On June 16 Revisionists assassinated Labor Zionist Chaim Arlosoroff who negotiated the Ha’Avara pact with Berlin.

Two days later the British police brought Revisionists Avraham Stavsky and Zvi Rosenblatt in for an identity parade. Arlosoroff’s widow recognized Stavsky. Rosenblatt was cleared on a legal technicality but Stavsky was sentenced to hang.

Later the Palestine Court of Appeal acquitted him on technicalities but the Chief Justice was displeased: “in England…the conviction would have to stand.” In 1944 a ballistics expert discovered the gun that killed Arlosoroff was used in the Cairo assassination by the Stern Gang splitters from Jabotinsky’s organization.

There’s no evidence that Jabotinsky ordered Arlosoroff killed but  he insisted that Revisionists didn’t commit  the crime. Many in the WZO opposed Ha’Avara, but they wouldn’t unite with Arlosoroff’s murderers in anti-Nazi actions. Alone they accomplished nothing and inevitably Revisionist policies re Germany became surreal.
Even as they demonstrated against Hitler throughout Europe, their Staatzionistische Organisation and its leader, George Kareski, were  Hitler’s favorite Zionists. On  April 13, 1935, the Gestapo declared that State Zionism would receive “permission to let its members…  wear uniforms indoors…because the State Zionists have proven to be the organization which had tried in any way, even illegally, to bring its members to Palestine, and… meets half-way the intention of the Reich Government to remove the Jews from Germany.”

The scandalized NZO ranks compelled a resolution that, under the circumstances, there was no German Revisionist movement and Jabotinsky called on him to deny any Nazi connection. However in 1936 Kareski was his go-between with the German publishing house holding the copyright to one of his books, and the Fascists around von Weisl remained in contact with him.

In 1937 Kareski went to Palestine. German Jews discovered him and chased him through the streets until police rescued him. I’d like to report that he died alone and hated, but in 1947 he was appointed chairman of a Revisionist health fund.

In 1939, a week before Hitler invaded Poland, Jabotinsky insisted that “There is not the remotest chance of war.” He planned to invade Palestine, landing a boatload of Betarim on Tel Aviv’s beach while the Irgun seized Government House in Jerusalem, and a provisional Jewish government was proclaimed abroad. After his capture or death, it would operate as a government-in-exile.

His model was the 1916 rising in Ireland. Its leaders were executed, but their martyrdom inspired a revolutionary movement. However it is impossible to see how an invasion could have convinced Jews in Palestine, mostly his WZO enemies, to rise up after his defeat.

 The plan’s fantasy was revealed on the night of August 31-September 1. The British arrested the Irgun command as they debated whether to take part in the scheme and, within hours, Hitler started the war Jabotinsky insisted wouldn’t happen.

The December 4, 1948 New York Times ran a letter by Albert Einstein and other Jews re Menachem Begin’s visit to the US, exposing his Herut Party which evolved into today’s Likud. Given that Achimeir and von Weisl wrote for Herut’s newspaper, Einstein’s evaluation of Begin’s Revisionist commitment bears quotation:
“Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our time is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the ‘Freedom Party’ (Tnuat HaHerut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties….They have preached an admixture of ultranationalism, religious mysticism and racial superiority… it is imperative that the truth about Mr Begin and his movement be made known in this country.”
Indeed Zionist Revisionist history must be known here. Read Zionism In The Age Of The Dictators and then convince other Americans to read it.
If you sit by a river long enough, you'll see the body of your enemy float by.
Old Japanese proverb