Lebanon: Hassan Nasrallah, the indomitable

In Beirut, Israel's Vietnam, the mother of all cities of the narrative of the Arab resistance

By René Naba,Mondialisation.ca

Paris - July 10, 2010 - The man weighs his words and his words are worth their weight in gold, once deciphered by all scholars of philology, semantics and linguistics, both as academics, diplomats, strategists that specialists in psychological warfare, the Arabists in the Orientalist style of tap.

The western media and political bubble could choke of anger, as well as its Arab apologists, before such a statement which is nevertheless the reality: Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (2), head of Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite paramilitary movement, is a man who does not pay for words. His actions are consistent with his speeches and his statements to his actions. The opposite in fact a smooth talker, whose words resound as much of sentences.

The statement does not fall under the bluster and his credibility is not the effect of propaganda. It is confirmed in practice, as evidenced by the larger Arab-speaking journalists in Israel, including the author of this text has received in confidence: "Al Manar" channel of Hezbollah, founded by Hassan Nasrallah in person, the chain Lebanese Shiite movement banned in the European area at the instigation of France, was in full war of Israeli destruction of Lebanon in 2006, the reference channel of the conduct of hostilities, as well as chain-border Arab Al Jazeera, and not on Israeli television.

In an area where demagoguery is a form of government, the man is sober without any theatrics by the spectacular show one Sunday afternoon in July 2006, ordering full policy speech since his rostrum television, in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers transfixed, the destruction of an Israeli gunboat that flouted the Lebanese coast. The order just given, the Hizbullah missile reached its target with full force, pushing the star beyond the horizon in a cloud of black smoke, a clear sign of injury to the enemy battleship, by signing the same in the symbolic order the Israeli defeat in the duel between remote monk soldier of modern Islam and its attackers, the spearhead of Israeli hegemony over the Western sphere Arabic.

In a country where the manipulation of the martyrs is a true growth industry to constitute a retirement situation, man has never sought to profit from the death of his son, Hadi, the scope of honor in a harassment operation against Israel in southern Lebanon. Killed in action at age 18, in Jabal al Rafei in 1997, the Lebanese Israeli border. And not in a settling of scores between rival factions to share the spoils, like the war in Lebanon has given many examples particularly in the Lebanese Forces, the Lebanese Christian militia.

In an area riddled with inane religiosity, the religious refined language, the verb rich, which mixed religious and secular expressions, the colloquial and literary, which is a tribune for the tone of discourse fully belongs to the Arab nationalist ideas more demanding. A secular tone, which contrasts with the austerity of the facade of some of its detractors. Distant recollection of a conviction of a father subsidiary active member of a secular party, nationalist and pan Syrians, Lebanese Shiite and patriotic, educated at Najaf, the holy city in southern Iraq city of refuge Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, leader of the Iranian revolution, is said to have succeeded in the synthesis of Arab and Iranian Shiism, the lslamisme and Arab nationalism, the face of western Lebanon and its membership in the Arab world.

Born in Burj Hammoud, a suburb populated Beirut, Hassan Nasrallah has emerged in the area of brewing excellence through the cracks of the affluent society and the cohort of people without land, Palestinian refugees and Kurdish minority disadvantaged repressed Shiites of southern Lebanon. A place of birth, by chance, trainer, as its region of origin. The future leader of Hezbollah is in fact originate from an area geographically predestined to battle the south Lebanon border area between Lebanon from Israel, one area being targeted by artillery and Israeli air for half a century , vowed that the Israeli military to act as a buffer zone which will, paradoxically, later spearheaded the struggle against Western, the springboard to Hassan Nasrallah's military glory.

The head of his family birthplace, Bazouriyeh, indeed, is a town located near Bint Jbeil, a large town in southern Lebanon, which inflicted slap two Israelis soldiers, the first time in 1982 with the destruction of the PC Israel set in place as part of "Operation Peace for Galilee", the second time, one quarter of a century later, in 2006, when the memorable battle tanks before the cease-fire that transformed the Israel-Lebanon Bint Jbeil in the cemetery of Merkava, resulting in the destruction of thirty Israeli armored vehicles.

The Israeli invasion of Lebanon also has a trigger effect of his political consciousness. At 22, the head of a family of nine children engage in that year, Hezbollah, at the time wave splinter group under the rule of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, where he quickly rose up the ranks for all become a decade later, in 1991, at age 31, his secretary general after the assassination of Abbas Musawi by the Israelis. A democracy promotion, a rise on merit, not coup or coup, which will position to integrate the politics of Lebanon, in 1992, coinciding with the arrival in power of the Saudi billionaire Lebanese Sunni Rafik Hariri, the other heavyweight in Lebanese politics, leading to a new equation in the Lebanese confessional political system, now marked by the predominance of two major Muslim communities, Sunni and Shiite, to the detriment of the historic founders of Lebanon Maronite and Druze.

From the community the most despised at the time of Lebanon's most neglected and government, the Shiite community, led in those days by feudal clan, drug traffickers and close allies of the Shah of Iran and the West, including the family Kazem al Khalil of Tyre, grandparent of the Iraqi Ahmad Chalabi, the agent of choice for the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Hassan Nasrallah, will spearhead the fight against Israel, the self-respect, his spine, reaching the Israeli military disengagement from Lebanon without negotiation or peace treaty in 2000, propelling his country into the regional diplomatic cursor function and, in the history of Arab-Israeli conflict, the standard Lebanese rank as an example, as this feat has taken in the Arab collective memory psychological impact of an importance comparable to the destruction of the Bar Lev line, when crossing the Suez Canal during the War of October 1973.

Repeat offender eight years later, he will initiate, given the firepower of the enemy and almost universal hostility of Arab monarchies, a new method of fighting, designing a mobile conflict in an arena, an innovation in military strategy contemporary, coupled with a bold response ballistic, much to the consternation of Western countries and their Arab allies.

- The crisis of the Western model of limited war of high technology.

"Despite the commitment of the equivalent of the Army and Air Force French, the Israelis have failed to prevail in Lebanon a few thousand men holed up in a rectangle of 45 km x 25 km, a tactical results surprising, perhaps heralding a new phenomenon, the end an era of limited wars dominated the high-tech West. The army discovers that his opponents are perfectly suited to meet Israeli air fire, Hezbollah has developed a version of "low tech" stealth, combining networks, underground fortifications and - above all - mixing with the population. Hezbollah, lightly equipped, full control of its arsenal, including anti-tank, has waged a decentralized, like the Finns against the Soviets in 1940. He also practices a total war, as the acceptance of sacrifices by the tight integration of all aspects of the war in the heart of the population. In front, the Israeli army committed in an atmosphere of "zero death", and fails. On balance, Israel lost 120 men and six billion dollars, almost 10 million per enemy killed, and without reaching defeat Hezbollah.At that price, probably it would have been tactically more effective to offer hundreds of thousands of dollars to each of 3,000 Hezbollah fighters professionals in exchange for exile abroad "considers a strategist at French Centre French doctrine employment of forces (army), responsible for the return of experience of French and foreign operations in the Asia / Middle East (3).

But with regard to this singular feat in the history of inglorious contemporary Arab world, an outcry of a political class archaic modernist reformatted into feudalism, resulting in a torrent of opportunism will vibrate when the fiber Community an area plagued by fundamentalism in a country that has suffered so greatly in the past, a prey to despair of a population by means of growing impoverishment, suffering from amnesia victims of former turpitude, in prey to the unbridled temper of youth in revolt against any form of trusteeship, a prey to the moral and intellectual poverty of a fraction of the elite in the grip of giants finally dwarfing the Lebanese political coalition in nature of an alliance against former "warlords" and their main backer.

Implicitly betting on a defeat of Hezbollah, the three pro-Western Saad Hariri, Walid Jumblatt and Maronite ally Samir Geagea, the former companion of Israel from the Lebanese civil war, international-was launched in the late hostilities, beyond all decency in the trial of the Shiite militia to cries of "Al-Haqiqa" (truth), rather than seek condemnation of Israel for its violation of International Humanitarian Law and its destruction of Lebanese infrastructure . A war cry popularized by the curiously elusive pasionaria the Lebanese scene, the Maronite Minister Nayla Mouawad, paradoxically, more concerned to unmask the killers of Rafik Hariri than her own husband, former President Rene Moawad was killed in a bombing November 22, 1990, the anniversary of the Independence of Lebanon. Distressing spectacle and infamous.

Nasrallah will pull through, showing leniency towards auxiliaries of the Israeli army, enlisted under the rule of a felonious general Antoine Lahad, exempting them of treason, saving them the punishment reserved for tar French collaborators of the Nazi regime. It will bypass this trap demagogic its alliance with the Christian military hierarchy, the two former commanders of the army, anxious to curb the impulses of about deadly Christian militia. President Emile Lahoud "a resistance fighter par excellence" in the words of its Shiite ally, and General Michel Aoun, leader of the largest Christian political organization, will ensure the coverage of international diplomatic transconfessionnelle, a safety lock to effect of a new net breaking Muslim Christian divide, tipping point toward a new civil war with religious connotations.

By the confession of U.S. officials, the United States since 2006, through USAID and the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), has released over 500 million dollars to neutralize Hezbollah, the largest training paramilitary of the Third World, watering nearly seven hundred Lebanese personalities and institutions with a shower of dollars "to create alternatives to extremism and reduce the influence of Hezbollah in youth (4). To this sum is superimposed on election campaign financing in the government coalition in the elections of June 2009, around 780 million dollars, totaling 1.2 billion dollars in three years at 400 million dollars per year. In vain.

Real state in the state, the main complaint of its adversaries, its motion will however compensates for thirty years a vacant state power long ago undermined by militia order predator and parasite, in any case much before the birth of Hezbollah, working closely with the services of a dormant state, initiating a culture of struggle and resistance in a country with morals terribly mercantile.

Leading Lebanese political and military training, including the dismantling is called the United States, Hezbollah has a parliamentary representation disproportionate to the size of the Shiite community, not commensurate with its contribution to the liberation of France out of proportion with its regional prestige, incommensurate with the popular support it enjoys without trying to take advantage. Both in digital democracy than democracy patriotic Hezbollah's place is a place of choice. A positioning essential to deter anyone who would think of usurping the place that is not hers. In the Byzantine quarrels which the Lebanese are so fond, it was salutary that this truism is recalled and the misadventures of the duo Hariri Jumblatt are there to testify.

Walid Jumblatt and Saad Hariri will make amends after a series of setbacks and head back to Damascus without too much bravado, while Nayla Moawad was defeated in parliamentary elections and his son, Michael, the hope of succession within the Maronite American neoconservatives who financed the cult of the memory of his father and his own political career through the National Endowment for Democracy, was driven to emigrate to Latin America to rebuild their financial health in the absence of moral rigor

The French Socialist Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, who had called a "terrorist" Hezbollah, has experimented with these costs, triggering the most famous stoning of the contemporary era, ending his political career miserably, hopelessly charred. Jacques Chirac, who had called for "coercive measures" to rein in Hezbollah after the Israeli defeat reconsider sending a French squadron to protect Lebanese airspace during the parade celebrating the "divine victory", fearing that the slightest hitch up Nasrallah would trigger retaliation by political and physical eradication of the family of his friend Rafiq Hariri, assassinated in February 2005, particularly its political heir, Saad Hariri, stashed abroad during the war far from the capital which he is member and a country which he is the head of his governing majority. The "beautiful" Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Secretary of State, the firmest support for the Israeli-equipped, has since been returned to the drawing board, as well as former Mossad agent, the "beautiful" Tzivi Lipner, his Israeli colleague, Dan Halloutz, head of the Israeli Air Force officer of destructive raids on Beirut, has been relieved of his duties, returned to his household gods for financial intrigue, along with his Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Victorious final for a showdown against a pro-Western coalition aggregating all former warlords of Lebanon, who wanted to undermine the autonomy of its communications network, the nerve of its war against Israel, May 7 2008, the cleric acquires a new stature, that of a prescriber in the regional order, initiator of the rhetoric of retaliation and the parity of terror. Its stronghold in southern Beirut in West Beirut then supplants the Arab consciousness as the focus of the pan-Arab dispute, finally signing the disengagement of Sunni militancy in the struggle against Israel, the Palestinian Hamas in Gaza exception.

The man who will be the first to provide support to Bashar al Assad, the uncertain authority to succeed his father, while his rival Lebanese speculated the chances of political survival of the young president, will be paid back by the Syrian who will pin his interlocutor in Lebanon. Ultimate accolade, Hassan Nasrallah is now invested with the mission to serve as surety for former child prodigies patriotic Lebanese politics, as Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, lost sheep in the political quagmire of Lebanon, returned to the fold on the road to Damascus under the auspices of the Chief of Hezbollah, its guarantor with the Syrian leadership.

This measure, unusual, however, reveals the degree of reliability of character, a precaution which reveals the degree of suspicion harbored by the Syrians and their Lebanese allies against his lieutenant, Mr. Marwan Hamadeh, a former Minister of Telecommunications, contractor for the project of neutralization of Hezbollah's communications network. The indictment in early July 2010 an official performing sensitive functions within a strategic business cell phone for "intelligence with the enemy," given a posteriori reason for Hezbollah's determination to preserve its autonomy both of its telecommunications network as its supply lines. It justified the same time distrust of the Syrians with regard to the entourage of Walid Jumblatt as is obvious connivance pro-Western. The man, Charbel Qazzi, serving fourteen years in telecommunications, is accused by the military courts have connected the mobile network of his company Alpha, the network of Israeli intelligence, echoing the entire directory its customers and their personal and professional details, including bank, as well as their communications to a country officially at war in Lebanon and has continued its military incursions against Lebanon.

While Lebanon rang regularly to commemorate the "martyrs" Bashir Gemayel, the Christian militia leader and Lebanese President ephemeral, September 1982, Rafik Hariri, the billionaire Saudi Lebanese former financial backer of the factional war between Lebanon and Former Prime Minister of Lebanon Sunni, Hassan Nasrallah, wearing a silent mourning his son, thirty years after his death in combat, never mentioning the pain of a personal, refraining from any commemoration, a behavior identical to that observed in respect of another figure prestigious Hezbollah, Imad Fayez Moughnieh Al Hajj Radwan ", the nightmare of the West, project manager of operations against Western Middle East since the 1980s, founder of the military backbone of Hezbollah and through capillary militant Palestinian movement Hamas in Gaza, Israeli military disengagement craftsman from southern Lebanon after 22 years of occupation, killed in a bombing in Damascus, February 12, 2008.

Neither Palace, or limousine, incorruptible in a world dripping with petrodollars, the figure in the Arab Muslim world commands the respect of his interlocutors by the withholding of his behavior, his sense of humor and credibility to any hair, his mark factory, his money for eternity. Al Wahda al-Sadeq, "the" true promise "will be a promise kept. It will, in 2007, the most striking demonstration of its reliability in obtaining the release of the dean of Arab prisoners in Israel, the Druze Lebanese Samir Kintar, in the largest swap of prisoners who also leads the return of the remains of Dalal Mughrabi, a Palestinian resistance killed during a commando operation inside Israeli territory.

Neither port, no airport, no road or highway, not any street or alley does homage to the man who carries a part of the destiny of Lebanon and the Arab world, a prescriber key regional order. No monument, no human to capture the passage of this man on earth. No trace, no sign that the story will take on the man whose successful passage of Thermopylae, in summer 2006 in south Lebanon on the battlefield of the resistance, has revived the breath of the Arab world in regaining dignity. Eight hundred of his men died that summer, gun in hand, to live in Lebanon's territorial integrity and national sovereignty and that will keep alive the Palestinian claim to an independent state.

Bubblers West, do you lose too much once again searches in vain: "Islam is the Light," is he and not the cohort of petro gerontocratic obscurantist Gulf monarchies.

Bubblers West, do not get me wrong, either: "Modern Islam", he is not this cohort of dictators bureaucratic propensity dynastic.

He said the new leader of Arab nationalism revived, you tried to dismantle the last half century, the Shia minority it a predominantly Sunni Arab world, the worthy heir of Nasser Sunni.

Him, not the "court jester", true butt of the joke of the case of Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden, you celebrated a decade as a "freedom fighter" for embezzling 50.OOO fighters and twenty billion dollars for the shot against the Russians in Afghanistan thousands of kilometers from the main battlefield of Palestine.

He is the idol of the young and young at Tashkent in Tamanrasset, in Timbuktu Toubrouk of him, the liberation theologian predestined successor without him, Hassan Nasrallah, the indomitable man who never sided with his enemies or the enemies of his enemies, "whose sole focus is Israel, which he did not look or detach the trigger to more of your uncertain mirages, for other uncertain of your targets, for any other target, no other goal than the release of national land and security of the national space Arabic.

To further

Greater Middle East in the New Middle East or the tale of ordinary madness

By Roger Naba'a, Lebanese University and philosopher in "Lebanon: Chronicles of a country in waiting," book co-written by Roger Naba'a and René Naba, Editions du Cygne, 2007.


1 - The French journalists, particularly in the fact ignorant of local realities, Hassan Nasrallah lives imagine that a planet other than the Lebanese capital, calling his place of residence "Dahiyeh. "Dahyeh" actually means in Arabic "suburb" an abbreviation of "al Dahyeh jounoubiyah, the southern suburbs of Beirut, which proves a contrario that the head of Hezbollalh lies well in the southern suburbs of Beirut and not in an urban other than the Lebanese capital.

2 - Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in Arabic literally means "Beautiful Victory of God". The title literally means Sayyed Arabic "lord" or "Master" is an honorific title given to senior Muslims, descendants of the Prophet Muhammad through his daughter Fatima and his cousin, Zahrah and son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib.

Hassan Nasrallah was born August 31, 1960 in the district of Burj Hammoud (Beirut East). He is the eldest of nine children who are not particularly religious. His father, Abdel Karim, a grocer by trade, is a member of the Syrian Nationalist Social Party. He began theological studies in public school in Sin el Fil, an area where Christians and Muslims live east of Beirut, which allows him to meet with Lebanese Christians. In 1975, when civil war broke out in Lebanon, his family is forced to return to their villages of origin, Bazourieh, near the city of Tyre (South Lebanon). Here Nasrallah decided to join the movement Amal (Hope), a Shia political and paramilitary organization, then chaired by Imam Moussa Sadr, spiritual leader of the Shia community, disappeared mysteriously in 1978 while traveling Libya.

He studied theology in the holy city of Najaf, Iraq, where he made the acquaintance of those to be his predecessor at the head of Hezbollah, Abbas Musawi. The junction was made under the auspices of Imam Mohammed Bakr al-Sadr, founder of the Da'wa party Ad-parent and the Imam Moqtada Sadr, the leader of the revolt against U.S. in Iraq. The intensification of the repression of Saddam Hussein's government against Shiite clerics in Iraq, even as the war of succession involved in the Lebanese Amal, following the disappearance of Imam Mussa Sadr in Libya, forced to return to Lebanon in 1978 to integrate with his friend Abbas Musawi Hezbollah. Hassan Nasrallah is married with three children, the eldest, Hadi, was killed while fighting the Israeli army in southern Lebanon in Jabal al-Rafei in 1997. "His two predecessors had neither the charisma nor his sense of organization. The first sheikh Sobhi Tufayl was more perceived as a radical leader, contrary to reports from regional forces, the second Abbas Musawi was killed without adequate time to make her mark in the movement.

Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, who died Sunday, July 4, 2010, has long been regarded as the mentor of the pro-Iranian Hezbollah. Like the current leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, he was listed by the United States on their list of "international terrorists", established in 1995. He had been accused in the 1980s by the American media of being behind the hostage taking of Americans in Lebanon by radical groups linked to Iran. In 1985 he was the target of a bombing that killed 80 people, an operation organized by the CIA with three million dollars from funds petro Gulf monarchies. His bodyguard at the time was Imad Mughniyeh other. People very influential Shiite Islam in Lebanon, Central Asia and the Gulf, Fadlallah used his Friday sermons to denounce U.S. policy in the Middle East. He has issued fatwas (religious edicts) banning so-called crimes of honor or excision.Author of several theological works, he was known for its openness to scientific development and its courage in the interpretation of Islamic texts. The charismatic cleric with a white beard and serene face was known for his religious opinions tolerant, especially vis-à-vis women.

3 - "Ten million dollars a militiaman, the crisis of the Western model of high-tech limited war" by Michel Goya, FC magazine Foreign Policy 1 / 2007 (Spring), p. 191-202. Lieutenant-Colonel and editor at the Center for Employment Doctrine forces (army), he is responsible for the return of experience of French and foreign operations in the Asia / Middle East. He is the author of Flesh and Steel (Paris, Tallandier, 2004) which addresses the process of changing tactics of the French army during the First World War.

4 - Statement of Jeffrey D. Feltman, the assistant U.S. secretary of state and head of office for the Middle East, and Daniel Benjamin, office coordinator fight against terrorism before a U.S. Senate committee June 8, 2010. FC in this regard the Lebanese newspaper "As Safir", dated June 29, 2010, written by Nabil Haitam, saying that "a list of 700 names of individuals and organizations who have benefited from American aid flows and some have received sums of between 100,000 and 2 million dollars. The reporter asks: "What provisions of the Penal Code such groups or individuals have they violated? Do contact or act with a foreign state, and work with the State in exchange for money in a campaign one of the components of Lebanese society - a campaign that could have destabilized society - is legal? (...) And wondered why Haitam Feltman made this information public, especially as it may embarrass U.S. allies in Lebanon. He said the U.S. embassy in Beirut has reassured his allies by telling them that Feltman just wanted to show Congress that the United States acting in Lebanon and there is no question that they reveal names. At this $ 500 million dollars is superimposed on campaign finance election pro-Western coalition. The U.S. daily New York Times has accused his part, Saudi Arabia and the United States, in an article entitled "Lebanese elections: the most expensive in the world, interference in the electoral process of coming elections June 2009 revealing that sources close to the Saudi government has allowed the financing of candidates opposed to the Shiite movement Hezbollah, funding the trip of expatriate Lebanese, even the purchase of the collective vote of entire communities for their local allies. The New York Times, several hundred million dollars (700 million) and were transferred to Lebanon not only to participate in the campaign but also to corrupt their votes. The daily added that it would be for Saudi Arabia to limit Iranian influence in Lebanon and support its allies to pressure Tehran. On the American side, according to the same newspaper, the International Republican Institute, known as a lobby near the Republican party, would open offices in Beirut to help the leaders of the current majority and their affiliated media in the election campaign. This lobby would have opened offices and among various parties belonging to the coalition of pro-Western March 14, with the Lebanese Forces of Samir Geagea, current future MP Saad Hariri, the Phalange party Amine Gemayel and Druze MP Walid's Jumblatt (New York Times April 24, 2009, "Lebanese elections: the most expensive in the world"). Two days after his revelations, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State paid a surprise visit to Beirut to flower the tomb of Rafik Hariri, the assassinated former prime minister, and called, without fear of ridicule, elections free from any interference ... ... .. except perhaps Saudi money and American.

5-judge Special Tribunal for Lebanon (TSL) ordered Wednesday, April 29, 2009 the immediate release of detained pro-Syrian Lebanese generals four since 2005 in connection with the investigation into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. The bomb had made a total of 23 dead February 14, 2005 in Beirut. The General Jamil Sayyed, Ali Hajj, Raymond Azar and Mustafa Hamdan, only suspects were detained on August 30 2005.Ils had not been formally charged. Judge Daniel Fransen prosecutors who were tracking the record too light to keep these men in custody. Fireworks greeted the announcement of their release in Beirut.

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