Iran's Green Movement: Endorse Us Or We Will Zionist Your Ass

The rise of the Green Movement in Iran and our mission.
Posted on August 21, 2010 by qh7
This is a non-partisan and totally independent website. The site is not overtly political. We have never endorsed nor displayed political banners for anyone or any political group.
Our news page is culled from main stream UK/US news sources. We have sporadically published our own editorials. We keep an archive and you can see that the site has been consistent in posting unbiased news links.
The rise of the Green Movement in Iran changed all the factors. Enormous pressure was placed on us to join the movement. The local supporters made it clear “either join us or we will isolate and defame you”. This group compromised their principles because their desire to win was great. Hence, it became impossible to have any contacts with the Iranian community. For this reason, we stopped the coverage of local events for several months. I will not comprise our independence.
Over the past nine years, I have collected an enormous amount of information on the local Iranian community and will divulge soon.

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