For Palestine to Live, Israel Must Die

For Palestine to Live, Israel Must Die

January 11, 2009

by Richard Hugus

In July 1980, American Indian Russell Means gave a speech at a gathering
in the Paha Sapa (Black Hills) in the land of the Lakota (South Dakota).
The title of the speech was "For America to Live, Europe Must Die".1 In
his speech, Means spoke to young Indians on the perils of European
culture -- particularly philosophies of European culture like Marxism
and Christianity that appear to be for good things, like ending
capitalism and loving one's neighbor, but end up perpetuating the
original problem -- European culture itself and its destructive view of
the world. Russell Means also spoke recently on the similarity between
the genocide of the native Americans and the genocide of the Palestinians.2

Today the world watches helplessly while the zionist entity slaughters
the people of Gaza. This is nothing new -- for the past 62 years, the
world has watched massacre after massacre, attack after attack, and done
nothing about it. In this latest atrocity, at least 900 Palestinians so
far have been murdered from afar, with the zionist's US-supplied bombs
and other weapons, and more weapons on the way. No one who takes to
the streets to denounce this barbarity is to be faulted, but protests
taking place under slogans like "Let Gaza Live" seem to come from the
same place that enabled the oppression of Palestine in the first place.
Rather than pity the victim, why not stop the aggressor? Instead of
"Let Gaza Live," why not "Let Israel Die"? Pity for victims can go on
forever; it's time to deal with the people who are beating that
victim. And it's time to do more for Palestinians than to just plea for
them to be able to live.

The world has supplied relief to Gaza through such organizations as
UNRWA for decades. Wouldn't it have been much more effective to address
the obvious cause of Gaza's suffering at the source, when it began?
Wouldn't it have been better to drop all talk of peace with a
belligerent who had proved again and again he wasn't for peace, and
forcibly take the gun out of his hands? Why hasn't this happened? Why
isn't it happening now?

Perhaps the biggest reason is that this particular aggressor, though
small in numbers, has been clever at deception, infiltration, and
propaganda. Zionists have talked peace but waged war. They have
infiltrated ruling elites in every strategically important country in
the world -- the US in particular. They have infiltrated the media, the
entertainment industry, Wall Street, the government, the corporate power
structure, human rights and civil liberties groups, and the antiwar
left. They have infiltrated the places and communities where Judaism is
observed, so that today one cannot go into a synagogue in the US without
seeing the blue and white "Israeli" flag. At least 80% of Jewish people
in the US either support the zionist state or are afraid to criticize
it. Yet to make an issue of this would be deemed a monstrous case of
religious intolerance.

Judaism has been so thoroughly hijacked by zionism that it is no longer
clear where one ends and the other begins. At the end of December, a
demonstration in Boston to condemn the just-begun bombing of Gaza was
met with an almost equal number of supporters of the zionist entity
holding both the star of David and the stars and stripes. They carried
signs saying "We Stand With Israel" and sang anthems for both "Israel"
and the US. Well-established synagogues and temples have called for
gatherings in support of the zionist state even as the mass murder is
carried out.

Support for zionism is well integrated into US culture, itself built on
the unacknowledged genocide of its own indigenous people, and of the
African slave. In such an environment the mainstream Jewish community has
been allowed to have it both ways -- they can support one genocide, but
they can't be challenged because of their history as the victims of
another. One doesn't accuse the authority on genocide of the
same crime -- this would be termed "hate speech." With its "No Place For
Hate" programs in cities across the US, the Anti-Defamation League,
which explicitly supports the zionist state, has set itself up as the
arbiter of any and all persecution and intolerance in American communities.

An even more effective tool of zionism is its propaganda, built up over
the period of 64 years since the end of World War II. This propaganda
has elevated the victimhood of Jews at the hands of Nazi Germany to the
level of religious belief, so that this genocide is the one above all
others in history that counts. Not only must this go unquestioned, it is
sacrilege (and now illegal) to do so. So it has come about that Jews who
commit the same or worse crimes as the Nazis may do so with impunity. In
the US and Europe, Christian guilt, Christian pity, and Christian
forgiveness also make this possible. Zionists have exploited both
Judaism and Christianity very thoroughly, especially attitudes of
exceptionalism found in each religion.

For many people -- and the numbers grow daily -- the acts and atrocities
of zionism have completely burned up the credit that European Jews
gained in Nazi Germany. The holocaust is an old song that no one wants
to hear any more. The victims of the Warsaw ghetto are now the
perpetrators of the Gaza ghetto, and the massacre inside it.

The power that zionists have achieved must be taken away from them,
first morally, then physically. No one has a corner on suffering, even
the eternal victim. Palestine must be returned to Palestinians, and the
zionist state, which was based on a crime and can only exist as a crime,
must be condemned as a whole. For the killing to end, "Israel" has to go.

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