Israel plans to destroy Al-Aqsa by fake tremor

By: Ahmed Hammadi

AL-QODS: The head of the international Qods foundation (Gaza branch) has warned the Israeli occupation is intending to create an artificial earthquake in occupied Beit Ul Moqaddas through continuing to build tunnels under the city which would affect and destabilize the foundations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

At the conclusion of a training course on Beit Ul Moqaddas organized by the foundation, Ahmed Abu Halabiya explained that the Zionist network of tunnels extends to the old Arab neighborhoods where the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) established a tourist city under the ablution facility as well as a synagogue containing a model of the alleged temple, pointing out that the western wall between the Mathara and Silsela gates collapsed as a result of the ongoing Israeli excavations under the city.

The Palestinian lawmaker stressed the need for holding popular and factional rallies to confront the Zionist schemes in Beit Ul Moqaddas, calling on the Arab League, the Islamic conference organization and the Arab and Islamic popular and political levels to support the steadfastness projects in Al- Qods.

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