The Secret of Oz

Updated version

To further support the hypothesis that the Wizard of Oz was about the influence of the English central banking system on America, take a look at the original cover. What artistic element of this does not fit with the rest?

The lion, poised as the power behind Oz, lording over the farmers and the industrial workers, is extremely stylized in such a way as to deliberately stand out. I think I know why.
If the lion looks overly stylized for the cover of the Wizard of Oz, you are correct. It’s actually a more commonly seen symbol on family crests and crests of various nation states. This particular lion symbol is called “Lion Passant Reguardant”.

This is of course a variation of another well-known symbol of the time…
Since as early as 1066, the Lion Passant Guardant has been the symbol of England. Below is an early version of the Royal Coat of Arms of England.

Notice the two “O”s in the title. Circles with dot’s in the middle of them.
“The circle with a point at its center is ancient. This ideogram seems to have been used in every cultural sphere on earth. Wherever it appears, it has the same meaning: the sun or something that is closely associated with the sun, such as hydrogen (in Dalton’s nineteenth-century chemistry). It can mean sunshine in a meteorological system, gold in alchemy, plant with a one year life cycle…”

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