London suicide bombing artwork savaged

Whenever Al Qaeda is blamed for an event I know it's a false flag, I don't need any more evidence than that.

Mark Sinckler's mural slammed as "angelic tribute" to terrorists
Age of Shiva — Mark Sinckler
If you’re not in Britain, you may have missed the latest controversy in the art world. Artist Mark Sinckler has been savaged by the conservative press for his mural “Age of Shiva“, which is currently on display at Banksy’s Marks & Stencils pop-up gallery. The piece depicts the aftermath of the July 7, 2005 bus bombing in London, with angels circling the wreckage and the victims ascending into the heavens.
The work itself does not seem particularly controversial, but right-wing news outlets have successfully framed the debate with headlines such as “Muslim artist sparks outrage with angelic tribute to 7/7 suicide bombers.”
Sinckler, however, doesn’t see his work as an homage to Al-Qaeda.
“What I’m trying to do is to make anyone that has a faith, a belief, or an idea they hold close to their heart to think about the impact of these ideas when they leave their heads,” Sinckler said. “I wanted to jolt people into seeing the results of these thoughts put into action.”

What really happened

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