Lifting the Veil on Ayaan Hirsi Ali

She's baaak. It's the sleazy Zionist House Negro from hell Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Her Somali "experience" nowhere fit into the discussion of Egypt as Cooper and Bergen effectively made clear that they were not there to bullshit. Bergen debunked her assertion that Shariah Law was one thing to all people, and that the Muslim Brotherhood harbored any kind of sinister political agenda. She exposes her desperation when she blurts out finally "the Muslims believe in the prophet Muhammad and that every word in the Quran is true". Yeah, duh. Is there any other way to be a Muslim? In Bugs Bunny voice; "heh heh heh, whadda a maroon!" I wonder about her demeanor and why she was so well behaved on Cooper's show. She seemed uncomfortable and out of here element. Was her choir a no show?

Watch the difference in behavior. Here she is with Christine Amanpour and she is really feeling her oats. She is arrogant, irrational, annoying and bullies the discussion. With this strategy of talking over everyone she avoids the trap of having to answer questions and exposing her ignorance like we saw happen to Sarah Palin. Instead, Ayyan takes control and bombards a forum with Zionist anti- Islamic shit until the show is over. That's enough to hold her base. Pretty pathetic. Amanpour was worse than pathetic to give this buffoon the floor.

Lifting the Veil on Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Muhammad Idrees Ahmad- Feb. 20th 2007
Every once in a while, a native informer comes along who is willing to affirm his or her own inferiority in order to help the West rationalize its neocolonial grip on the South. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the latest, and one of the more ambitious among them. This 38-year-old Dutch citizen of Somali origin has built a career on her criticisms of Islam, the religion she renounced after the 9/11, for its “brutality”. Through her unrestrained attacks on Islam, her close friendship with far-right Dutch politican Pim Fortuyn and rabid xenophobia, she rode a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment all the way into the Parliament [on a ticket from the right-wing People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD)] only to leave for the United States after an uproar over lies she had told to obtain asylum. Presently, she works for the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute. In 2005, Time magazine named Hirsi Ali as one of its 100 Most Influential People of the World.
As her new book, Infidel, scales the charts to reach the New York Times Bestseller list, let us look at who this intrepid feminist really is.
Fact and Fiction
Over the years, Hirsi Ali has produced three books: The Son Factory, The Caged Virgin and Infidel. The latter, presently sits at No. 6 on the NYT Bestseller list, aided, no doubt, by the glowing reviews it received from Washington Post and New York Times. However, in Britain, reviewers seem less sanguine: The Economist writes:

The facts as Ms Hirsi Ali tells them here do not fit well either with some of the stories she has told in the past or with her tendency in her political writing to ascribe most of the troubles of the Muslim world to Islam…As a young woman, Ms Hirsi Ali’s mother, Asha, does not seem to have inhabited “the virgin’s cage” that the author claims imprisons Muslim women around the world. At the age of 15, she travelled by herself to Aden where she got a job cleaning house for a British woman…Ms Hirsi Ali sounds less frank when she tells the convoluted story of how and why she came to seek asylum at the age of 22 in the Netherlands. She has admitted in the past to changing her name and her age, and to concocting a story for the Dutch authorities about running away from Somalia’s civil war. (In fact she left from Kenya, where she had had refugee status for ten years.)…
However, last May a Dutch television documentary suggested that while Ms Hirsi Ali did run away from a marriage, her life was in no danger…the facts as she tells them about the many chances she passed up to get out of the marriage—how her father and his clan disapproved of violence against women; how relatives already in the Netherlands helped her to gain asylum; and how her ex-husband peaceably agreed to a divorce—hardly seem to bear her out.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not the first person to use false pretences to try to find a better life in the West, nor will she be the last. But the muddy account given in this book of her so-called forced marriage becomes more troubling when one considers that Ms Hirsi Ali has built a career out of portraying herself as the lifelong victim of fanatical Muslims.
In the United States, however, the book received a much different treatment. Both the top newspapers, Washington Post and New York Times, gave it glowing reviews (This is in stark contrast with the treatment they usually meet out to authors critical of Israel: the papers got people who are linked to the Israel Lobby to review books by Norman Finkelstein, Jimmy Carter, Robert Fisk, for instance) Each one offers its own gem for our modest amusement.
Washington Post:“The press began to explore her past, discovering the “inventions” that she had used to get her refugee status…Along the way, Hirsi Ali displays what surely must be her greatest gift: the talent for recalling, describing and honestly analyzing the precise state of her feelings at each stage of that journey.”
New York Times: “Ms. Hirsi Ali, at her English-language school, devoured Nancy Drew mysteries and English adventure series, ‘tales of freedom, adventure, of equality between girls and boys, trust and friendship’.”
Girl Power
While she describes herself as a woman who “fights for the rights of Muslim women, the enlightenment of Islam and the security of the West,” Hirsi Ali, according to Lorraine Ali of Newsweek, “is more a hero among Islamophobes than Islamic women”.
This statement would be clealry unfair if all that she and her sister had to suffer, and all that she has courageously decided to make a stand against, are indeed true. The Economist writes:
Another, even more disturbing story concerns her sister Haweya’s sojourn in the Netherlands. In her earlier book, “The Caged Virgin”, which came out last year, Ms Hirsi Ali wrote that her sister came to the Netherlands to avoid being “married off”. In “Infidel”, however, she says Haweya came to recover from an illicit affair with a married man that ended in abortion. Ms Hirsi Ali helped Haweya make up another fabricated story that gained her refugee status, but the Netherlands offered her little respite. After another affair and a further abortion, Haweya was put into a psychiatric hospital. Back in Nairobi, she died from a miscarriage brought on by an episode of religious frenzy. “It was the worst news of my life,” Ms Hirsi Ali writes.
The Identity Crisis
On May 15, 2006, officials of the Netherlands government cast doubt on Hirsi Ali’s status as a Dutch national, because she had provided false information in her application for refugee status. She had later used the same false information when she had applied for, and been granted, Dutch citizenship. The Dutch minister of immigration and integration, Rita Verdonk, moved to annul her citizenship, a move that was later overridden on the urging of Parliament.
Shilling for the Israel Lobby
Hirsi Ali is at present a resident scholar at the neocon hotbed, American Enterprise Institute and in an interview with the Chairman of the Board of Fellows at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Manfred Gerstenfeld, she expressed a remarkably favorable view of the country.
My main impression was that Israel is a liberal democracy. In the places I visited, including Jerusalem as well as Tel Aviv and its beaches, I saw that men and women are equal. One never knows what happens behind the scenes, but that is how it appears to the visitor. The many women in the army are also very visible…
Whether one arrives from Ethiopia or Russia, or one’s grandparents immigrated from Europe, what binds them is being Jewish. Such a bond is lacking in the Netherlands.
The only problem she saw with Israel, on the other hand, was that the country “has a problem with fundamentalists,” he ultra-Orthodox, “will cause a demographic problem because these fanatics have more children than the secular and the regular Orthodox.”
The responsibility for the “dilapidated” condition of the Palestinians, on the other hand, she lays on Palestinians themselves, and she chides Europeans for seeing an end to occupation as the solution to their problems.
“The crisis of Dutch socialism can be sized up in its attitudes toward both Islam and Israel. It holds Israel to exceptionally high moral standards. The Israelis, however, will always do well, because they themselves set high standards for their actions.
“The standards for judging the Palestinians, however, are very low. Most outsiders remain silent on all the problems in their territories. That helps the Palestinians become even more corrupt than they already are. Those who live in the territories are not allowed to say anything about this because they risk being murdered by their own people.”
Freedom of (Hate) Speech
One of the incidents that propelled her to stardom was her collaboration with Theo Van Gogh on a film, Submission. Van Gogh was subsequently murdered by an enraged Moroccan over the offensive content of the film, who also left a death threat against Hirsi Ali on the corpse. Although Van Gogh was immediately hailed as a martyr for freedom of speech by some liberals — and every Islamophobe — few mentioned the man’s (well known) rabid racism and bigotry, which included calling Muslims “goatfuckers” and suggesting that Eveline Gans, a Jewish historian, “gets wet dreams about being fucked by Dr Mengele”.
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