Helen Thomas To Joy Behar On Israel Comments: "I am the Semite, they are European"

I was surprised to catch Helen Thomas on the Joy Behar show last night. An aberration from the usual assortment of bubbleheaded Jews, Queers and TV celebs. I stopped watching the show long ago so it was luck that I ran into it at all, saw Helen and stopped to watch. Hooray for Joy, she did something right!
But what I can't stand are people who pass themselves off as friends of the underdogs and oppressed only to ally themselves with oppressors and portray them as oppressed! This is sinister psyops created by the oppressors themselves.
Helen did a wonderful job maneuvering Joys attempts to steer the emotions to the Jewish holocaust of WW2 (which almost no one is left alive from that era) rather than to what the Europeans brought with them on boats to the land of Palestine, and what is happening at this moment. Does a serial killer have a right to kill because his mother abused him? Is he off the hook? Do we leave him alone to keep it up? of course not. Then was then and now is now!

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