Terrorism in Palestine--statement by J Street

Palestine belongs to the Arabs. ~ Mahatma Ghandi

[Zionist]Jews who live in Israel should "get the hell out of Palestine" and go home.~ Helen Thomas

A video about a Palestinian  girl who went with her family to make a pinic. After  coming back from a swim, she sees her family has been murdered by Zionists.

Jerusalem is the capital. Palestine, currently under occupation, is located on the East coast of the Mediterranean Sea, West of Jordan and to the south of Lebanon. The territory of Palestine covers around 10,435 square miles.

[Translated] statement by J Street on the recent bus bombing:
News broke an hour ago that a bomb exploded outside a crowded bus station in Jerusalem. 25 are reported wounded, 15 seriously.

J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami and Board Chair Davidi Gilo released the following statement from Jerusalem, where they participated in a debate at the Knesset earlier today:
J Street condemns in the strongest possible terms today’s attack in [Zionist occupied] Jerusalem as well as the increase in rocket attacks on the south of Israel Palestine .  Our hearts go out to the victims and their families and to the people foreign invaders of Israel  Palestine  who in recent days are experiencing once again an increase in terror and violence karma for the terror and violence we perpetrate against innocent Palestinians every day of our occupation.

We support the [fake] state of Israel in taking the  "steps necessary"  to respond to today’s attacks, to protect all its "citizens", and to bring those who perpetrated today’s attack to justice make good use of our high tech,  fancy ass weapons paid for by  those poor tax paying  American saps.

We are in Jerusalem today, a mile from the bombing, for a "debate" in Israel’s Knesset, at which we reiterated that the security of Israel  our loot depends on ending the conflict with the Palestinian people through  [that phoney baloney] a two-state solution.

We remember at this moment the advice of Yitzhak Rabin that we must fight terror as if there were no peace process, but pursue peace as if there were no terror like we actually believe it.

Even on the blackest of days like today, we recall his words and seek to carry out his legacy hold on to our loot at all costs because we are nothing but parasites.

Bzz Bzz Bzz
terrorists go home!

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