The Cost of Intifada

March 27,2011


As the Zionists start turning inside out in their rage, and spinning out their upside down propaganda regarding the Third Intifada, this is one of the hardest videos for me to watch and I cry everytime, but one which shows the true colors of Israel.
Israeli's level of depravity is so far beyond the decent human imagination it is difficult to process. The sadism is bred right into them. By the grace of God many have escaped the Satanic cult of Zionism.
Too bad for Israel that they could not kill the entire Palestinian Population nor did they succeed in chasing all of them off nor will they succeed in the complete transfer of the remaining Palestinians to Jordan. The Jordanians themselves are aware and blocking this effort.
Because of the duration of Israel's cleansing operation due to various obsticles, the truth about Israel has become apparant to all . The facade of a civil democratic "decent" society could not stand up to  the test of time (Israel's worst nightmare) and the hideous true face of evil lay bare.

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