Israel Eats the Competition: the Third Intifada Facebook Page Likes

 Palestine does not exist *chomp snort crunch*

Israel did manage to get the Third Intifada facebook removed. It seems pretty obvious that they just wanted to get the popularity numbers deleted. What I understand to be happening is a Third Intifada page is started and as soon as the "likes" get to a certain number they shut it down. So no matter how many are started the likes will be low. Seems incredibly juvenile to me, even psychotic. They (Zionists) always did lie about what was on the page and they don't care what's on it, they just don't want an issue involving Palestine to have a popular poll. That was just out of the question.
I don't like facebook anyway. People need to kick the habit, there is no good reason for giving folks like Zuckerberg so much power which is to Israel's benefit. Israel and every other nasty element.
I have always been fascinated by the comment made by Tyler Winklevoss regarding [Jew] Mark Zuckerberg and the theft of facebook: "It's sort of a land grab,you feel robbed. The kids down the hall are using it, and you're thinking, 'That's supposed to be us.' We're not there, because one greedy kid cut us out."
The Winklevoss brothers got "Palestinianized!"

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