The Kings At Dinner: Obama, Zuckerberg, Jobs, Schmidt...

US president Obama invited all the big hi-tech players to dinner. Among the fourteen disciples guests, you can see Steve Jobs to his left and Mark Zuckerberg on his right.

Photo: The White House

The fourteen guests were:
  1. Apple: Steve Jobs
  2. Cisco Systems: John Chambers (opposite Steve Jobs)
  3. Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg
  4. Google: Eric Schmidt (far left)
  5. NetFlix : Reed Hastings
  6. Oracle: Larry Ellison (to the left of J. Chambers)
  7. Twitter: Dick Costolo (in the background, behind Obama's head)
  8. Yahoo: Carol Bartz (the lady in red)
and six other players:
  1. John Doerr, risk capital mogul (opposite Obama - he invested in Google and Amazon very early)
  2. Ann Doerr, his wife
  3. Steve Westly, founder of Westly Group (specialised in Green Tech)
  4. John Hennessy (the oldest at the table), President of Stanford University
  5. Art Levinson, CEO of Genentech
  6. and, according to the Wall Street Journal, Valerie Jarrett, White House advisor, behind Zuckerberg.

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