PM: Israel will respond with 'utmost strength' to "terror" (how long will the real world tolerate the upside down world of Zionism?)

"there are the Jews, whom we are pledged to introduce into Palestine, and who take it for granted the the local [Palestinian] population will be cleared out to suit their convenience." (Expulsion Of The Palestinians, p. 15)Winston Churchill


03/25/2011 11:24
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday said that Israel is "prepared to respond with the utmost strength in order to put a stop to terror," Israel Radio reported. Netanyahu's comments came prior to a meeting with US Defense Secretary Robert Gates in Caesarea.

Netanyahu said that US President Barack Obama telephoned him in Moscow on Thursday, telling him that the United States stands behind Israel in the country's fight against terror.

Everything Israel is, says and does is a lie with intent to clear out the Palestinian population (genocide). The worst luck of the Zionist both Jew and Christian is the steadfastness of the Palestinian. For this reason and only this reason, the foriegn Jew in the Holy Land  will lose.

 London Review of Books, 14 January 2009-- "In 2004, the Israeli army began building a dummy Arab city in the Negev desert. It’s the size of a real city, with streets (all of them given names), mosques, public buildings and cars. Built at a cost of $45 million, this phantom city became a dummy Gaza in the winter of 2006, after Hizbullah fought Israel to a draw in the north, so that the IDF could prepare to fight a ‘better war’ against Hamas in the south". It was by no coincidence that schools and mosques were targeted in the 2008 Gaza attack. The premise was "rockets from Hamas into Israel in 2008. The settlements in the vicinity had previously been cleared to make way for this Gaza attack. (below)
Article date: August 8, 2005
---TSEELIM ARMY BASE, Israel -- Israeli troops are practicing at a base called "Chicago" for a mission that is as close to warfare as this desert locale is to the Windy City: dragging protesting Jewish settlers from their homes.
The pullout from all 21 Gaza settlements is set to start next week. Israel's Cabinet on Sunday approved the first stage of an operation that marks the first time Israel has ever removed veteran settlements from the West Bank and Gaza.
"Chicago" is in the southern Negev desert, not far from Gaza. The mock town was built to give troops practice for missions they are more accustomed to -- fighting Palestinian militants in built-up areas.
Israeli dual/multi-use WMD

03/25/2011 11:24
Gates calls for bold action to reach two-state solution
PM in Moscow questions Abbas' desire to end conflict

Prior to the meeting, Gates said that security ties between Washington and Israel are closer than they have ever been.

He stated that Israel and the United States face a challenging and volatile region that allows for new opportunities.

The US defense secretary met with President Shimon Peres on Thursday and said that the United States is very concerned with the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel.

Gate’s visit here is his second trip to Israel as defense secretary. His first visit was in April 2007 when Amir Peretz still served as defense minister. trip ahead of his planned retirement this summer.

After meetings with Peres, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Netahyahu, Gates was scheduled to meet with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on Friday.

We, the decent people of the world have no more confidence in our  leaders to do the right thing. We will no longer tolerate Zionist terrorism!
During their hour-long meeting, Barak and Gates discussed ways to ensure Israel’s qualitative military edge in a changing Middle East, as well as ways to ensure Israeli security so the government will feel confident to move forward with the Palestinian peace track.

This freak show must end!
grooming future "warriors" to kill "terrorists"

They target the children to, of course, eliminate Palestine's future. (genocide)

Support the third intifada!

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