Road Warriors, the Zionist Freak Show

Update: the Israel government approved 4 more illegal settlements to get even with the "terrorist." Since that's what is driving terrorism in the first place! If not so sick it would be funny. How juvenile.Some government.

March 12, 2011

Five Israeli settlers were killed on Friday night in the West Bank illegal settlement of Itamar near the Palestinian city of Nablus.

What will happen now is the Israelis will make contact with the PA. The PA will communicate with their police officers. Israelis will come into Nablus like road warriors in mega tanks mowing down everything in their path. The police will dissappear. The Israeli soliders will go to houses, blow up doors (they don't knock) and rip out people from their dinner tables, their beds, their baths and haul them to the jail (concentrations camp where people can disappear) to be tortured or experimented on (Organ robbery, chemical material tested on them etc).  They will loot  along the way, rob banks, stores, people. No one can resist or they will be shot.
The way the Israeli soldiers enter a Palestinian neighborhood reminds me of the scene from the movie Shindler's List where it's dinnertime in the Jewish quarter, the Nazis at random show up in their jeeps and start barging into people's homes (they did not bomb the doors open like Israelis)a family sitting down at the table is ordered to stand up which an old man couldn't do so he was picked up in his wheelchair and dumped over the balcony. The rest were shot running down the street for their lives. Even the Nazis just ran over a body as they drove off. This is terrorism, this is the Zionist/Nazi, this the "IDF" this is Israel in Palestine.
Zionist Israelis are subhuman and they don't care who knows it, since most of us (who care about people and right and wrong regardless of race or religion) know it now already anyway. So they move about openly and snicker as the world looks on. Many Israelis, the moms and pops with kids in the IDF are in denial. I don't feel sorry for them. It is the Beast in action so how it will end is up to God. I know that payback will be a bitch. May it be soon. Amen.

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