Top 10 Signs You’ve Been Dumbed Down but are coming out of it

Here Are The Top 10 Signs You’ve Been Dumbed Down

But You’re Coming Out Of It
They didn't know what it really meant
They didn't know either.
We’ve all been dumbed down throughout our whole lives. By “we” I mean all of us normal decent people. We — and our parents — were mis-educated, mis-informed by media, and mis-led by our leaders. And still are.
But a lot of us are coming out of it. We’re finding dead authors whose books were suppressed and we’re reading their knowledge on the Internet and sharing it with others. We’re waking up. Here are 10 signs that you, too, are coming out of it.
  1. You’re no longer persuaded by the expression: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” (After all, did our Founding Fathers say, “Let’s shoot for second-best,” or did they set up the best republic they knew how to do?)
  2. You’re questioning the scam that gold and diamonds are “precious.” (Lovely, yes. But precious? For what? Who controls those earth elements and overcharges for them?)
  3. You quit thinking it’s cool to poison yourself. (Alcohol, smoke, other drugs. Oh, sure, we can use them, but you know there’s nothing cool about it.)
  4. You reject the belief that billionaires somehow deserve to be billionaires, that somehow they legally “earned” it.
  5. You see through the lie that the “business cycle” of booms and crashes is “natural.”
  6. You’re overcoming the propaganda that says the so-called “jews” are the supreme victims in history instead of the supreme criminals. (You’ve read some of the truth about the “jew”-led slaughters in Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain, and our own “jew”-instigated Civil War, and more.) No, not all jews. We’re talking about the large percent of jews who conspire against all non-jews.
  7. You finally realize that “Judeo-Christian” is a contradiction in terms. (You realize why “jews” have a different sabbath and that their Talmud rule book — not a bible, not a religion book — insults Jesus, insults all non-jews, and encourages jews to commit crimes against non-jews.)
  8. You’re beginning to see that well-connected lawyers don’t actually work for the decent people who hire them. (And it’s becoming obvious that the lawyer “privilege” of secrecy is not for the protection of the client but is for the protection of the criminally conspiring lawyers and judges.)
  9. You’re finally waking up to the fact that those innocent songs of childhood, well, weren’t. The Beatles sang “Love Is All You Need,” and now, after all these years, you rhetorically respond: How about the truth? Knowledge? Wisdom? Morals? Principles? Gumption? John Lennon, arguably, learned the truth and rejected our enemy’s agenda. Paul McCartney became complicit.)
  10. You’re on the verge of tears when it dawns on you that our presidents and other government leaders have had to be complicit in the atrocities against us, often in service to a foreign power. (The enormity of it, and how we’ve been criminally duped, is overwhelming. 9/11. Oklahoma City bombing. Waco. Economic “austerity” against every generation. Illegal wars in which multi-thousands of our gung-ho men and women have been sent to get maimed and killed. …)
Bonus Sign of wising up
The following shows a growing wisdom in rejecting the liars’ premises, in questioning the givens, wherever they occur.
You think twice about the classic set of responses to danger: “Fight or Flight.” And you realize it is not right.
You realize there’s another “F.” It’s Freeze, which is what too many of our fellow Americans are still doing right now.

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