Elite Hunting Organization

Surviving the Game

Are there organizations like the films "Elite Hunting Organization" really out there?
The film Hostel and Hostel 2 from writer and director Eli Roth, is basically about an organization set in Slovakia that hunts and brings in unaware foreign tourists to a hostel. Rich western businessmen tied to the organization bid in the 10's of thousands range for the unsuspecting victims. Once a bid is won, the organization captures and takes the victim to a isolated location. The winning bidder is then taken to the discrete location on contract and is brought to the bound victim where he/she then tortures and kills the victim.
The film was billed as "inspired by true events"; Eli Roth claimed to have read about poverty stricken individuals in Thailand who would sell "members of their family to organized crime, then American and European businessmen would pay $10,000 to walk in a room and shoot them in the head."
This sort of event has also been suggested to be active in certain parts of Indonesia, where businessman pay large sums of money to kill.
I have read on web posts that Dick Cheney was an avid fan of this game, (among other members of the US congress) a fan of sexually hunting young kids or adults in the wood. Who has a problem believing that?
I have no difficulty in imagining an actual group of insane Elites who do this horrible stuff, namely the GH Bush & company. If there was ever a perverse bunch...it's because of them it is easy for me to believe.
Interesting how exploitation and poverty go hand in hand and poverty is on the rise in the world, which suggests to me that governmental, organizational or corporate factions have a desire to increase exploitation.
I got my first heads up on eilte perversity from reading the autobiography by Malcolm X. This excerpt is when Malcolm was working for a Madam in Harlem.
"With tips, which were often heavy, sometimes I would make over a hundred dollars a night steering up to ten customers in a party -- to see anything, to do anything, to have anything done to them, that they wanted. I hardly ever knew the identities of my customers, but the few I did recognize, or whose names I happened to hear, remind me now of the Profumo case in England. The English are not far ahead of rich and influential Americans when it comes to seeking rarities and oddities.
Rich men, middle-aged and beyond, men well past their prime: these weren't college boys, these were their Ivy League fathers. Even grandfathers, I guess. Society leaders. Big politicians. Tycoons. Important friends from out of town. City government big shots. All kinds of professional people. Star performing artists. Theatrical and Hollywood celebrities. And, of course, racketeers.
These were men who could afford to spend large amounts of money for two, three, or four hours indulging their strange appetites. In this black-white nether world, nobody judged the customers. Anything they could name, anything they could imagine, anything they could describe, they could do, or could have done to them, just as long as they paid."

 Republicans, of course.
Clip from documentary, Giuliani Time by Kevin Keating
Movie Name: 8MM (1999)
Tom Welles [private investigator] : Why would Christian [a very rich old man] want this? Why would he want a film
of a... a little girl being butchered?
Daniel Longdale [Christian's Lawyer] : Because he *could*!

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