Mark Regev Clowning In All Seriousness

When Mark Regev is brought to my attention, this video has to come with him. Topic of the video is Israeli's genocidal  attack on Gaza 2009

 Israeli spokesman Mark Regev was on BBC radio this morning  the topic was the Palestine unity government. Regev said that the Israeli government would not make any attempt to contact any members of the new government and that, "of course, all the peace talks are over." Rolleyes. Regev also noted that if the Palestinians decide to unilaterally declare a state in September, "this will be very, very negative for Israel," adding that, "How can Mahmoud Abbas say he wants peace with Israel and then re-conciliate with Hamas, who constantly attacks us?" Israel insists on a split government.

["Negative for Israel" is a direct threat to the Palestinians.  Mark is warning in code  that  Israel will  murder on a larger scale instead of the daily routine of popping them off for sport 1,2, and often a whole family at a time.]

Although Fatah and Hamas have been bitter enemies, Palestinian analysts said they were optimistic the agreement would be implemented. The fact that Israel and the U.S. oppose an agreement with Hamas, which they designated a terrorist organization, counts for little these day in Palestinian decision marking, said Sameeh Hamoudeh, a political scientist at Bir Zeit University in Ramallah.

"Fatah has despaired of international approval," Hamoudeh told The Media Line. "Today Fatah is more inclined to please the Arab world, which has pushed for a compromise."

Pro-democracy tumult across the Arab world is likely to have revitalized the reconciliation talks, with a new leadership in Egypt eager to stamp its authority on the region. 

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