NATO Air Strike in Brega Libya Obama Uses Cluster Bombs On Civilians

Only a few days into the US-led attacks on Libya, there have already been reports of forty-five 2,000 pound bombs containing depleted uranium (DU) being dropped down on Libya by the U.S. B-2s during the first 24 hours of the attack, say Stop the War Coalition. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on all nations to join the Convention and said that its "entry into force just two years after its adoption demonstrates the world’s collective revulsion at the impact of these terrible weapons." (Id.) China, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, and the United States, nations considered major users of cluster bombs, have yet to adopt the Convention, as they consider the bombs to be legitimate military weapons. The United States has also argued that the ban on cluster munitions would hurt humanitarian efforts by making cooperation with non-signatory nations more difficult. Link Here
History of US use of Cluster Bombs Here Israel also loves the cluster bomb especially in large operations where civilians are the target. Here and Here Nato Here.


  1. i had read both of your comments and blog, and had suspected the uprising are not coinccident, somehow felt that the population of the world, all religion, races and classes had been used and manipulated and divided to create hate for decades by a few bankers which unfortunately also control our govt and our country, i would very very much like to see american wake up, and not fall into their deceit, very few of us here is trying very hard, and many had paid the ultimate price by speaking out, i would sincerely hope the tunisian, lybian, egytian and many more arab countryman do understand our problem here, for we aint any different that you guys, as wee had been lied to for so long, seems it is too late to stop all these insanity, i suddenly realised that they are using this uprising for their advance to further control of middle east and eventually the entire world,sad

  2. Good vs evil (old story, yes?)


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