Why Republican?

There are three kinds of people who are Republicans.
  1. Greedy selfish brats salivating at the thought of getting rich off the ashes of America. This described almost every Republican in Congress. You can’t possibly defend the position that they believe it is in America’s best interests to become a backwater banana belt third world country. All they care is that they and their friends get rich.
  2. Head-in-the-sand idiots. This is the typical republican voter. They won’t ever be rich and the know it. They’ll be lucky to still have a job come dinnertime tonight. They’ll be lucky if the democrats win because they don’t know how to plan for their future. This is obvious by the way they vote, always looking for ways to vote against their best interests. The states that need the most federal assistance money are the red states who complain that someone but them is getting assistance. These simple folks are the easy fools the Republican party exploits without mercy. They get what they deserve, but America doesn’t deserve them.
  3. Frightened little people. This is a sad slice of America who are so easily controlled by their fear. These are the people who kept voting republican every time Bush upped the terrorist threat level. They were getting played and everyone knew it. Now all they can do is stop from wetting themselves. They’ll never vote for a democrat because they’re too afraid.
  4. Dems believe in deficit spending to feed people and the GOP believes in deficit spending to kill people. But that rule for Dems seems to apply to the voters only. Today both parties are dependent for campaign finance on Wall Street, the military/security complex, AIPAC, the oil industry, agri-business, pharmaceuticals, and the insurance industry. Or rather,  today it is obvious.

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