Why Don’t Jewish Women Get Any Pop Cultural Love?

The Jewish perspective by Jessica G
Radar is declaring, in its typically amusing and tongue-in-cheek fashion, that this year's hottest accessory for shiksas is a Jewish husband. You know what? Tongue-in-cheek or not, I'm over Jewish dudes getting all the love. You never hear about Jewish women being the hottest, well, anything; while Woody Allen is off bagging WASP goddesses Mariel Hemmingway and Diane Keaton in Manhattan, cultural stereotypes of female Jews show us to be fleshy, frumpy, sexless overbearing mothers with big noses and unruly hair. Rachel Shukert, the far from frumpy sex writer, thinks that "Jewish men have really had a large part in disseminating those [negative] stereotypes" of Jewish women.

Jewess Liberation
"There are more hot Jewish leading ladies now than maybe ever before — Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johanssen, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rachel Bilson — but they never play Jewish characters," she says, but not before adding that sexiness in Jewish women is becoming less of a liability, particularly in the form of "an explosion in the past several years of Jewish women emerging at the forefront of movements about sexuality." (Former Village Voice columnist Rachel Kramer Bussel (who conducted the interview with Shukert) and alt-porn star/entrepreneur Joanna Angel come to mind.) Plus, says Shukert, "A lot of non-Jewish girls [have come] up to me... how their Jewish boyfriends always told them that the girls they went to camp with gave better head." Ha! I guess if Monica Lewinsky did nothing else for our people, at least she can get a little credit for making "Jewish women and blowjobs... inextricably linked for a generation."

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