“Israel” Strips Residency Status of 140,000 Palestinians without Warning

Local Editor
Without earlier warning, thousands of Palestinians traveling abroad have been stripped of residency status, after Tel Aviv.
Documents from "Israel's" justice ministry reveal that "Israel" used a covert procedure to cancel the residency status of 140,000 West Bank Palestinians between 1967 and 1994, Ha'artz newspaper reported Wednesday.
The report added that the procedure was used on Palestinian residents of the occupied West Bank who wished to travel abroad via Jordan. They were ordered at the Allenby Bridge border crossing to exchange their ID cards for a card allowing them to cross.
Palestinians who found themselves "no longer residents" include students who graduated from foreign universities, businessmen, and laborers who left for work in the Persian Gulf states.

Back in the 1990's there was an "Israeli" closure of and incursion into the Palestine city of Nablus. There have been so many incursions and closures there that I have lost track of the date of the one in particular I am referring to. I was not far away.
Military tanks came in and rolled over everything a tank could roll over, flattening cars, ramming into stores and markets, damaging infrastructure. For weeks electricity was out. IDF looted (this is the rule during incursions) the banks. A resident of Nablus I know was in Jordan at the time and all she worried about was how she was going to get back into her home in Nablus. I asked her the obvious question, "why don't you just stay in Jordan?" She replied "because that's what they want."
I have understood ever since. Those 5 words explain the attacks, the closures, the check points, the looting, the wall, the killing, the too many sinister yet juvenile tactics just to make the life of a Palestinian intolerable. To drive them out if their country. Closing off roads, rigging traffic lights in  the Arab quarter of  Jerusalem, sealing Palestinians inside their homes in Hebron. Breaking the bones of Palestinians, grave robbing, organ snatching, The list goes on and on. It's a clear-cut terror campaign. A sane state does not behave this way! Sane citizens of a state would not stand for it! Israel is insane, Israel leaders are insane and all Zionists are insane. The suffering and steadfastness of these Palestinians will keep me on their side forever. Long live Palestine! Israel needs to "get the hell out of Palestine and go back to Poland or Russia or America or wherever they came from!" (Skip America, please! Just go back to Europe!)

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