Israelis and U.S. Zionists Escalate Cyber Warfare

 Today I went to a website commemorating the Palestine Nakba and found instead hard core porn. The Zionists apparently do not take kindly to the remembrance of the zionazi holocaust of the Palestinians since 1948 and they hacked the site.  We are only suppose to commemorate the holocaust which stars them, which they wrote for us. They put up  blocks consisting of filth designed to shock and disgust us when we attempt to go outside the lines.
The post below is a reminder and an example of the many kinds obstacles they put before us every step of the way.
La Voz de Aztlan
Los Angeles, Alta California (ACN) Computer hackers based in Israel in conjunction with Zionists and certain Jews in the United States have just launched a new "cyber war" offensive against human rights and anti-war activists and organizations in the U.S. that are in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and oppose the Zionist occupation of Palestine. There are now thousands of organizations and individuals on the World Wide Web that have been targeted and whose communications disrupted by a variety of sinister "cyber war techniques."

Our publication, La Voz de Aztlan, has been one of their primary targets after the ADL of B'nai B'rith published a series of lies aimed to discredit our staff writers and our publisher on their website. We have just learned that the Israeli government as well as a variety of U.S. Zionist organizations are actually funding the activities of well trained "cyber terrorists" bent on destroying the freedom of expression for everyone but themselves.

There are two levels of cyber warfare that the Zionists are carrying out. The first level is out in the open and consists of efforts to legitimately take control of the Internet through the passage of bogus legislation aimed at implementing their controls over the Internet and by taking financial control of Internet portals such as AOL and other major Internet Service Providers.
In addition, Zionist conspirators are diligently working on specialized software aimed at filtering out lists of websites that they deem threatening to their interests. They than "push" and sell the filtering software to school districts, libraries, the military, government agencies, the corporate sector and a host of other entities. This effectively blocks millions of U.S Internet users from viewing those websites critical of Zionist policies. The problem is worst in other counties where Zionists have influence such as in Australia. La Voz de Aztlan has received three e-mails from Australian citizens informing us that all of a sudden they can not access our website.

One principal Zionist organization taking this "out in the open" effort to control the Internet is the Weisenthal Center of Los Angeles. The Weisenthal Center's primary operative in the effort is Rabbi Abraham Cooper. Rabbi Cooper has spent millions of dollars lobbying the US Senate and has already been effective in having the U.S. Congress pass a series of repressive measures that have in large measure impeded alternative and independent information services from publishing certain articles, editorials and opinions critical of Zionism. Some of the money used by Rabbi Cooper actually comes from unsuspecting California taxpayers. A former California Speaker of the Assembly admitted shamelessly that he put together over $18 million dollars for Rabbi Cooper. The scam used by the rabbi is to inflict guilt on certain legislators because of the holocaust and to pretend that he is doing it to combat "hate" and so called "antisemitism".

The other level of "cyber warfare" being utilized by the Zionists is right down evil and dirty. It is hidden, covert, malicious and in many cases clearly criminal. The victims now number in the thousands and increasing.

Most of the victims are U.S. citizens of the Islamic faith as well as Arab American and U.S. Palestinian organizations struggling for human rights. An article by Michael Gillespie published in the "Washington Report on Middle East Affairs" describes a number of incidents and victims. One victim pointed out by Michael Gillespie is Stephen Mashney of Anaheim, Alta California. Mr. Mashney is an attorney active in the effort to raise awareness of the plight of Palestinians and for this he was targeted by the well funded and trained network of Israeli and U.S. Zionist computer hackers.

Mr. Mashney was the victim of a favorite dirty trick used by the Zionists. The hackers sent out a message using his name and e-mail address titled "Down With America". Mr. Mashney who hosts a pro-Palestinian mailing list realized something was wrong when he started receiving hundreds of hate e-mails from infuriated Americans. The malicious and evil "Israeli/U.S. Zionist hacker's network" included in the message the home addresses as well as home telephone numbers of other pro-Palestinian rights activists. The faked e-mail message sent by the hackers, in addition, included as a signature, Mr. Stephen Mashney's law firm address, telephone number, e-mail address and website URL.

Other victims of this same Zionist dirty trick are two professors at U.S, universities. The first is Dr. Francis A. Boyle, professor of International Law at the University of Illinois. Dr. Boyle is in addition a respected Palestinian human rights activist who has served on the board of Amnesty International USA. The fake e-mails sent in his name have done extensive damage to his excellent reputation and has disrupted his ability to communicate on the Internet. The other is Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh who is an associate professor at the Yale University School of Medicine. The Zionist hackers sent out hundreds of libelous e-mails to selected members of the Yale community designed to damage his reputation and to diminish his credibility within the Yale University community.

Among some of the human rights organizations targeted by the Zionists for the "fake e-mail dirty trick" is the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) of New York. Monica Terazi, its director, had her Yahoo e-mail account revoked after the Zionist hackers sent counterfeit messages in her name to numerous Yahoo e-mail groups.

The "Israeli/U.S. Zionist hacker's network" is utilizing other more sophisticated hacking techniques to disrupt the ability of human rights activists to communicate. One is to implant a small "trojan horse" program on the hard disk of their victims such as the well known SubSeven Trojan. The "trojan horse" is first sent as an attachment on an e-mail. If the unsuspecting victim clicks on the attachment, the program activates itself and opens up certain "ports" on the computer. Later, with another program, the hacker can connect to the victim's computer and download any sensitive file such the victim's mailing list. One can imagine what havoc a Zionist hacker can cause by having complete access to all their victims most sensitive files. La Voz de Aztlan has detected hundreds of attempts to intrude into our hard disk after being sent "trojan horse programs" which thank God, our "firewall" detected.

Last month, the Zionist hackers from Israel started targeting activists from the state of Iowa. In these incidents, the hackers were actually able to intrude and to remotely take possession of their victim's computers. They utilize the sensitive information obtained, such as private lists with names and e-mail addresses, to generate a vast amount of evil deeds. Among the victims in Iowa is Darrell Yeaney, a Presbyterian campus minister active on the Middle East Peacemaking Group. Another is author and editor Betsy Mayfield whose work has been published in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and is active at the Ames Interfaith Council (AIC). Several women at Ames Interfaith Council also reported that they were shocked and disgusted when all of a sudden they were exposed to pornographic and racist text and images on their computer screens. Apparently, the Ames women were victims of a Zionist "trojan horse" takeover of their computers. Iowa State University Physics Department computer expert Dr. Bassam Shehadeh was able to trace the origin of the cyber attacks. He determined that the hackers were accessing the internet via an Internet Service Provider called located on the West Bank. The Zionist hackers were utilizing stolen identifications and passwords to get access through

Michael Gillespie wrote in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs that "The scale of the Israeli cyber warfare campaign, the number of targets, and the variety of techniques used, coupled with specifically targeted intrusions calculated to provide additional target addresses for the application of the hackers' various forms of harassment, suggest a sophisticated, coordinated, government-sponsored program designed to impact directly upon the communications abilities of the human rights and pro-Palestinian anti-war activism communities in the USA." La Voz de Aztlan agrees totally with this assessment. We attribute the particularly viciousness of the "cyber war" being waged against our publication to the fact that we have taken a pro-Palestinian editorial policy and have come to the same conclusion.

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