Monday Morning Funnies

Ms. CNNancy is having a field day with the bin Laden hoax. Seems like everyone has been having their say, from Peter Bergan to Bill Kristol. Peter Bergan interviewed Osama, surely he would know a fake Osama photo from a real one? He is also a prop? They are all so serious, assuming that we boys and girls are all ears and no brain because they, the 'grown ups' (they are on TV, right?) are telling us what's what. . They are all props!  How many Do-Bees are going along with this fiction?
Don't be a Don't- Bee, be a DO- Bee!

this is not a bed  one would find in a mansion...far from it. I recognize this bed type from the M.E., apparently they have the same type bed in Pakistan. the mattress is very thin with a piece of wood underneath. Cheap. I just wonder what poor saps were whacked to serve the White House phyops?
uh hem....this is not a mansion by a long shot. But I have seen low level  US government people set up in houses similar to this.

which bin Laden is in the video below?

Which bin Laden is watching himself on TV? Are they effin kidding? Now they are using the fake bin Laden from the far right of below line up photos.They are using all the fake bin Ladens mixed with real images in one video  to fuse them into one person?

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