Obama gives up, AIPAC wins

 What the president-to-be is saying is "the squeaky wheel gets the oil." That's how simple. It isn't about right or wrong. It's about who is the loudest, the most persistant and the most annoying! 

“I can’t hear you”
 In 2007, the day after Obama declared his candidacy for president, I met with him in his office (I was then working for Israel Policy Forum). Obama listened carefully while I explained why it was critical that he be an “honest broker” on Israel-Palestinian issues. Nothing I said, including my opinions of AIPAC’s influence, would surprise anyone who reads my columns.
The bottom line was that the occupation was terrible for the United States, for Israel, and most of all for the Palestinians, and that he should understand that the status quo lobbyists who defend everything Israel does are not representative of the Jewish community or anyone else.
Obama listened, cupped his ear, and said, “I can’t hear you.”
I didn’t understand; I was sitting right next to him.
He then said: “No, not literally. I mean that I don’t hear from people like you. But I hear from AIPAC [he then named the local AIPAC leader in Chicago] every week. I’m going to be president and, when I am, it is your job – you and all the people who feel the way you do – to make sure I hear that message. You cannot simply rely on the belief that you are right. You need to raise your voice so that I hear you and not just them.
So maybe, just maybe, the president wants us to shout and holler about what appears to be a sell-out to AIPAC. After all, he is making no attempt to cover up what he’s doing or why he’s doing it. He only hears one voice.
Maybe Obama’s latest actions are a cry for help.
Yes, it’s just a theory. But it is infinitely better than thinking Obama actually believes that AIPAC’s status quo is in America’s interest. It just is not possible that this president could believe that.
It’s time to raise our voices so Obama can hear us, whether he still wants us to or not.
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  1. "a cry for help"? Interesting theory but I don't buy it. The man is a spineless empty piece of paper. I thought that when I saw Oprah introduce and endorse him. From the side he is way paper thin.

    I think even if he heard the screams of the masses, he would still follow the bankers and the Chicago Jews who made him, own him, and could cast him down in an instant. They could ...

    There is also too much personal dirt on Obama. I have written in the past about his very strong gay tendencies. He and Rahm are old buddies in that department.... they frequented the same establishments.


    Now about those world leaders. I agree with what you say to a certain extent. I have seen things they have done for the people that make our politicians look like the shysters they are. IE when Venezuela had serious mudslides, Chavez put up about 80 people in his own home until things could be repaired..and THEN he just began building so that every one in Venezuela had a safe home. It is one of his pet projects. Can you imagine Obummer letting that happen?

    BTW the Dalai Lama does not pass my scrutiny either...

    I would never want to live in Iran because I abhor the modesty squads. But they are such a wonderful and ancient people... and among the most beautiful visually races on the planet. What bothers me is, Iran would not BE a problem if America had not meddled decades ago and removed a democratically elected President who just happened to put his people first.

    "Democracy" is only accepted if you are slave to Israel and America....

  2. Great points, Noor, thanks for sharing. Totally agree with you on the Dalai Lama. I will check out your link... I have a feeling I will need my barf bag.


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