Obama’s Great Reversal Is the Key To the Psywar

Al-Awlaki — who, like bin Laden, was cultivated by the National Security State before being designated an Official Enemy Of The People — is a U.S. citizen targeted for assassination by a presidential order. This kind of thing was all but unimaginable ten years ago, but is now treated with torpid indifference by the people responsible for shaping public opinion.
Thanks in no small measure to the ministrations of such people, much of the American public will be praising the government ruling us for sending Osama to hell, oblivious to the hell that the same government has stored up for the rest of us.
Peter Chamberlin
The United States, in 2011, is in a strange, sad state.  The people stand (or sit), sick and divided, despairing over the fact that we cannot force logic upon our friends and relatives, seeing them wallow in the nothingness of political delusion.  Half of the people believe in the official national narrative being spoon-fed to us daily by Washington.  The other half is certain that the “official version” of all recent key historical events is a lie, intended to mislead the misinformed American people into going along passively with the great national lie.

The strangeness of the moment in time, which may finally entomb the entire race, is compounded by the great reversal in the narrative, which Barack Obama is forcing upon us.  He has moved in secret, so as to create the deceptive appearance of separation between his administration and the revolutionaries, insurgents and terrorists who are reversing the narrative in the oil regions. He is covertly deploying the assets prepared by the Bush Administration to carry-out the next phase of the American “war of aggression.”  (The war that was allegedly begun as a defensive war has long been exposed to be an unending resource war of aggression.)  It is becoming apparent that the “war” has a strong element of political warfare, fought by both violent and non-violent means.

North African and Middle Eastern, radical activists have been carefully selected by CIA behavioral technicians, who have brought selected radicals who demonstrated great leadership potential, to the United States for special training in political agitation by State Dept. NGOs (“non-governmental organizations”), before being returned to their homelands with essential electronic gear and funding, to carry-out the destabilizing skills that they have been taught.  The “Arab spring” movement, war on Libya, support of Bahraini repression, the coming Pakistani double-cross, as well as a possible double-cross of both sides of the Israel/Palestinian issue—all of these simultaneous events are key elements of Obama’s great reversal of the national narrative.  The alleged killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan at this precise time is intended to “flip” the opinions of the American majority, so that they will support a new war against Pakistan, our old ally.

The theme of the reversal is the “genius of Obama.”  This gambit is an attempt to repair Obama’s image, after he has exposed himself to be a slimier carbon copy of George Bush.  It is a carefully choreographed psychological warfare operation, intended to capture the minds of the unbelievers—to convince the misinformed American masses that our government is doing the right things in the world, instead of their exact opposites.  Our government is in the business of creating and multiplying evil, and all the people of the world, except for Americans, understand this fact.

The great national narrative that keeps so many of us deceived and delusional makes the unsubstantiated claim that we are at war with international terrorism, even though the opposite of this statement is closer to the truth—our government has created most of the militant groups that are called “terrorists” today, even the infamous “al-Qaeda.”  We armed and organized the “mujahedeen” who fought the Soviets in Afghanistan, then allegedly cutting-off their supplies and funding after the Russians pulled-out.  These fighters then merged with volunteers from local religious schools (madrassas), who called themselves “Taliban” (the translation for “students”).

Despite the government claim that the CIA abandoned the mujahedeen before they became the Taliban, thousands of recruits from this same group were drafted to fight a series of covert wars for the CIA, stretching from Bosnia, to Chechnya, to Egypt and Libya, and beyond.

The truth about the American terror war is that it is a clean-up operation, eliminating the leadership and foot-soldiers we have hired and trained to fight for us in these covert wars. It is only half-true, that we are cleaning-up the mess that we have created in using radical militants as elements of American foreign policy—we are still using many of those same militants to conduct America’s secret policies in Libya, Iraq and in Russia, among other targeted states.

In Obama’s great reversal, we sometimes claim to fight against our old “al-Qaeda” militants, other times, the connections between us are revealed.  This contradiction is the Achilles’ heel of the national program of psychological warfare aimed at the American people and the rest of humanity.  How we exploit this contradiction to the advantage of the beleaguered human race, is a question that remains unanswered.  Our great hope is that sanity will prevail when the great push is on to invade Pakistan, since they have been caught red-handed by the Abbotabad raid, as the protectors of bin Laden and his gang.

It is highly unlikely that anything we can do will penetrate the American blood-lust now being celebrated at the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden, but there is a chance that the “official story” about bin Laden’s killing and disposal at sea, that is being supplemented by the photoshop image of the allegedly freshly killed bin Laden will inspire more people to question the line of garbage being fed us.  After the dust settles from whatever is planned next, perhaps more people will recall these new lies in the chain of constant lies that have led us from one war to the next war.

Whatever happens next, perhaps it will be so morally outrageous that it will, at least, derail the lying Barack Obama, denying him a second term.

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