Violence of the Oppressed against the Oppressor

The violence of the oppressed is not the same as the violence of the  oppressed against the oppressor.

By violence, the oppressor loses his humanity. He becomes a negative life force that inflicts pain for personal gain.

The oppressed regains his humanity and his dignity when he commits  violence against his oppressor. The oppressed  violence becomes a  creative force by which the oppressed sees his persecutor punished.  Human beings feel a satisfaction when they pay back in pain against  those who held them down, tortured them, invaded their lands, raped  their daughters, murdered their sons, burnt their crops, poisoned their  water, demolished their homes, humiliated them in public, etc.

Human beings who have been persecuted and then punish their persecutors and regain their liberty then feel their human dignity return.

But the oppressor will label the victim as a terrorist or an  insurgent or some other absurd label.

The oppressors never run out of excuses to justify their brutality.  For example, the slave owners in the USA used to say that their slaves  should be grateful because they were brought out of the darkness of  Africa and given as much civilizatin as their barbaric, heathen, empty  minds could handle.

Hitler said that Germany was going to attack Russia to liberate the  Russians from Communism and restore Christianity.

King Leopold the second justified colonizing the Congo by saying  that the Belgians were going to bring the light of Western civillization  and Christianity to the African people.

George Bush the elder justifed sanctions on Iraq by stating that it  was to prevent Saddam from building weapons of mass destruction (but the  condition for ending the sanctions was for Saddam to give up Iraq's oil  to the USA). Of course that is true; but that is not the way that it is  presented in the Western media. What actually happened was that  sanctions were placed when Saddam attacked Kuwait. Then after the war  the US offered to lift the sanctions if Iraq handed over its oil field  regulations to the UN (same as over to the USA). Iraq offered to pay  reperations by its assets that were frozen in the USA. The USA then  pushed through resolutions in the UN which forbade Iraq from doing that  (thus attempting Iraq to give up its oil soveriegnity).
Iraq naturally refused.
In 1995 UNICEF revealed that the sanctions had murdered some half a  million Iraqi children under the age of five and so under international  pressure the useless oil for food program was started.
But after the war, Iraq was offered the end of sanctions for giving up its power over its oil. Iraq refused and the sanctions remained in  place.
So, George Bush the elder did attempt to justify sanctions on Iraq  by stating that it was to prevent Saddam from building weapons of mass  destruction whereas actually the condition for ending the sanctions was  for Saddam to give up Iraq's oil to the USA.

Bush the minor attempted to justify invading Iraq to defend the USA  from weapons of mass destruction that did not even exist.

Oppressors are full of excuses. But their victims need to give no  explanation. For example, the Israelis have no rights as they are  invaders on Palestinian lands. The Palestinians on the other hand do not  have to attempt to defend any of their actions since the occupied  people always have the right to fight back against the invader.

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