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Libya: More terrorist attacks by NATO18.05.2011 | 13:39
punks in expensive suits on our dime
Indiscriminate wanton acts of mass murder and terrorism, the latest disgusting display of callous disregard for human life by NATO and more blood on the hands of its war criminal leaders Cameron, Sarkozy, Obama - chilling reminders of the cold-blooded reptilian evil which mingles among the leadership of nations in the international community.
While the international media continues to spin the lie that the Libyan authorities are attacking unarmed civilians, NATO continues to spend millions upon millions upon millions of dollars of taxpayers' money (50,000 dollars per aircraft per hour times thousands of missions) on indiscriminate acts of terrorism against civilian structures. One of these was the Libyan Downs Syndrome headquarters, another was a room in which three of Colonel Al-Qathafi's grandchildren were slaughtered, along with one of his sons.
War crimes, and crimes against humanity, as NATO protects terrorists and acting against the UN Charter, hinders the authorities from dealing with an armed insurrection. The latest reports are of a strike on a guesthouse in Berqia, where 16 civilians were murdered by NATO bombs and a further 40 civilians were injured. The one killing civilians and children is NATO.
It is by now obvious that NATO has become desperate in its attempt to murder Colonel Gaddafy. One wonders how NATO and its leaders would react if an attempt were made to take their lives or target their children as they have done to the leader who inherited the poorest country in the world and turned it into the most prosperous in Africa and who has done so much for his continent, so much in fact that he was to be awarded a UN humanitarian prize in March...for his excellent humanitarian record.
Along come the axis of evil, Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama, all of them with awful popularity ratings at home, around them close the weapons and energy lobbies proposing a nice cozy and easy war, bombing targets in some country without defences from 30,000 feet like the cowards they are and lo and behold! Job contracts start to open up, the oil starts to flow and hey, Libya is a better place? No, it most certainly isn't. They want to give it to a clique of marauding armed Islamist fanatics.
Would that Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy did half as much in their countries as Gaddafy has done in Libya. Do they provide free health services? Free education? Free housing? Heavily subsidised food? On the other hand does Gaddafy sponsor armed terrorists in their countries? No he does not, he was the first world leader to issue an arrest warrant against bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, while the USA was cavorting with him as indeed NATO once again cavorts with Islamist terrorists from Benghazi, the same ones whose leader was arrested for working with Al-Qaeda against the American and British troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.
How interesting it is that the bought media keeps repeating their lies about Libyan authorities attacking civilians and NATO keeps committing war crimes, attacking civilian targets and destroying evidence against the corrupt TNC leaders as they did on Monday night when a State archive building was bombed to remove evidence collected against them.
If there is a right and a wrong, this will rebound in NATO's face as indeed it must. Those who respect international law should demand a stop to this act of aggression and now and a writ should be issued for the arrest of war criminals Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


  1. "Would that Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy did half as much in their countries as Gaddafy has done in Libya"

    exactly the point my friend from made in her post on true moral leaders. Isn't it a pity, these slimey punks with guns running around destroying countries.

  2. Timely post Genie!
    Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey does well getting straight to the point, (and truth), exposing the evil hippocratic War Criminals Cameron, Sarkozy, and Obama.
    What I am finding alarming is the almost total silence of the anti war movement here in the UK. It seems that most people have bought the Arab Spring bullshit hook, line and sinker. Well over a million took to the streets pre Iraq invasion.
    The terrorist attacks on Libya by NATO is getting surprising little coverage by Alternative Media as if regime change and capitulation to the Globalists is a foregone conclusion. Gaddafi is absolutely deionised here by the Jew Stream Media. I guess the Lockerbie bombing Lie has stuck in peoples minds as well, making them unwilling to question the JSM lies.
    I thought I would get some better coverage on Iranian Press TV, but all I got there was some poll claiming that Libyans where split 50/50 concerning whether they wanted NATO ground troop intervention or not!
    I myself will not go with the flow, this is a fucken outrage! China and Russia can't sit ideally by and let this illegal takeover continue. Where are the French, Italian, Brit, German anti imperialist demonstrators?
    The tide needs to change soon. This is not just about Libyan sovernty, it's about basic principles of International Law.

    Benghazi 'rebels' are Jew ball licking scum!
    Viva Gaddafi!
    Disband the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization!
    ZioYid Resistance! :)

  3. I like how Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey pointed out the fact that none of these targeted leaders has murdered the children of Western leaders. How does anyone find this acceptable? The US Murdered Saddam's children, not only Gaddafi's youngest son and 3 grandcildren but also an adopted child back in 1985. How is this acceptable? Is it clear who are the barbarians? We have had demonstrations for Libya in SF. But I can understand the confusion for those who don't really keep up with foreign policy when it comes to the Arab spring and the variances between leaders and events. For me it was easy. If the west gets involved then it is not a revolution. Simple.

  4. Hi Genie,
    I sympathize with the points made and the outrage here.

    But I'd like to suggest that the truth about all this is at a higher level.

    If they really wanted Gaddafi dead, he'd be dead.

    Libya is just a toy.

    The USA is NOT the top criminal. The USA's puppet presidents follow dictation from the international power in the world. The international power in the world is the controller of national and international money. For 200 years internationally, and for a solid continuous 97 years in the USA, that international power has been AND IS the Rothschild-jew family. They lead the jew-Terror network. They own Israel, which is only 63 years old.

    This truth must be applied to analysis of all these controlled "revolutions," "civil wars," and other large conflicts, otherwise the discussion falls quite short.

  5. thanks James, as always for expanding on the discussion. This war is, of course a money maker for the weapons industry so no hurry to wrap it up in Libya.


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