Where is there a better house than this?

"The thing we fear most is that the black man [Obama] suffers from an inferiority complex. This is dangerous. If he feels that because he is black he doesn't have the right to rule America, this would be a disaster, because such a feeling would make him behave whiter than white. And go to an extreme in his persecution and degradation of the blacks." Muammar Gaddafi

--“There were two kinds of slaves, the house Negro and the field Negro. The house Negroes—they lived in the house with the master, they dresses pretty good, they ate good. . .They loved the master more than the master loved himself. . . If the master’s house got caught on fire, the house Negro would harder to put the blaze out than the master would. If the master got sick, the house Negro would say, ‘What’s matter, boss, we sick? And if you came to the house Negro and said, “Let’s run away, let’s escape, let’s separate,’ the house Negro would look at you and say, ‘Man, you crazy. What you mean, separate? Where is there a better house than this?

“On that same plantation, there was the field Negro. The Field Negroes—those were the masses. The Negro in the field caught hell. He ate leftovers. In the house they ate high on the hog. The field Negro was beaten from morning to night; he lived in a shack, in a hut. . .He hated his master. He was intelligent. When the house caught on fire, he didn’t try to put it out; that field Negro prayed for a wind, for a breeze. When the master got sick, the field Negro prayed that he’d die. If someone came to the field Negro and said, ‘Let’s separate, let’s run’ he didn’t say, ‘where are we going?’ He’d say, ‘Any place is better than here!’

Haim Baram: Obama Murdered bin Laden for a Fistful of Votes --For years the U.S. has been bringing hostages to the horrifying concentration camp in Guatanamo, Cuba, and shamelessly torturing them. There is an international conspiracy of silence in most of the Western countries - which consider themselves enlightened - in regard to the acts of terror, looting and greed that characterize Washington's conduct in the international arena. In Israel the situation is far worse: It's the liberal camp (which sometimes calls itself the "left" ) that enthusiastically cheers any U.S. president who fights against poor countries, whereas the right treats Washington with suspicion, for fear that its successes in acts of violence against Arabs or blacks will grant it too much authority in enforcing peace agreements between Israel and the Palestinians or the Syrians.

girls look at school building damaged by U.S.

US President Barack Obama personally issued the order for US air strikes in Yemen which killed scores of civilians, including women and children.


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  2. Those quotes are interesting -- as evidence. Of course, they're useful at the level you intend for them. But to me, they prove more.

    Gaddafi. He's part of the grand show. He's had a very long reign in Libya. Nobody has a long reign without being a complicit part of the grand show -- even IF they don't know who the top boss is. In the Gaddafi quote, Gaddafi talks about Obama as if the president has the power. But Gaddafi surely knows that the president answers to a higher power, jew-money power. Therefore, it's proof that Gaddafi was playing his role in the grand show.

    Malcolm X. I like to think that Malcolm X outgrew the enemy at the end, which is why they murdered him. So, I think the quote you've provided is from an earlier stage in his life, not near the end. Some admirable people (including Eustace Mullins) have said the "field negroes" didn't usually have it as bad as what Malcolm said. Thus, exaggerating the conditions was, and is, part of the propaganda for fueling divisions among all of us. (I'm not saying it wasn't bad. Slavery is slavery, after all!)

    Haim Baram. I don't know that person at all. But obviously that quote doesn't go to the top Cause of the mentioned international Effects.

    Still, I agree that the quotes are useful. I'm just sharing. Food for thought.

  3. Dear James,
    Thank you for your input!
    I had in mind these D.C blacks. Obama, Condi Rice, Colin Powell etc. One would expect them to have empathy towards their brothers and sisters. Instead they serve their white masters with great enthusiasim. They are "whiter than white". Gaddafi has always referred to Obama as a Muslim because of Obama's background, just to rub it in.
    Obama, power or no power, he walks the walk and talks the talk. It's his signiture on the order to kill and harm. He is guilty as charged!
    A field negro is now used as a metaphor. It means anyone of any color who is struggling against the tyrant. Not taking favors. Not selling out. I am blacker than Obama! Metaphorically.
    The #3 quote indicates that people of color and/or poor are a target.

  4. btw when I say white, it includes those Fake Jews.


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