White Muslims raise concerns in America

A green version of http://commons.wikimedia.or...Image via WikipediaMuslims are under attack in the United States these days, especially as the "Stop Islamization of America" campaign is gaining more impetus, driven by an increasingly popular resentment of Islam, wrote Saleh S Abdul Adeem in the Emirati newspaper Al Bayan. Despite the waves of Muslims who have emigrated from the Arab world and Asia to the US over the past years, what worries some Americans most is the increasing trend of conversions to Islam among the white population.
Unlike their African American counterparts, converted Caucasians did not resort to Islam to channel rebellion. Converted white Americans combine the most transcendent principles of Islam with the best values of their capitalist civilisation: hard work, dedication, equality and faith in civil liberties. So, whereas some hard-nosed pastors may throw random accusations at Muslim immigrants, they are rather helpless when it comes to white American Muslims. These citizens consider the US their one and only nation and they embrace everything it stands for, entitled as much as those who may try to denigrate them. Up till now, this growing social segment has been, overall, treated fairly in the context of American civil liberties. But it remains to be seen whether a rising hard-line conservative trend in the US will refrain from trying to reverse that.

I ran into the above article and what caught my attention is  "it remains to be seen whether a rising hard-line conservative trend in the US will refrain from trying to reverse the civil liberties."

Here are some statistics:

Market Analysis of American Muslims:

A sizable market with 8 million people
2.3 million households in North America
Growing at 6% annual growth rate.
Will double to 16 million by 2014.
Bigger than Norway, Finland, Denmark or Sweden.
Growth Factors: birth rates, conversions & immigration.
A younger, well-educated and affluent target market.
25% larger family size than U.S. average.
67% of adult American Muslims are under 40 years old
67% of the adult American population is over 40 years old
American Muslims are younger and future of America

I just thought it was interesting. It's not like WW2 when they were dealing with the internment of Japanese in California! I hear loud mouthed Zionist Jews like Pam Geller in NYC calling for Muslim deportation and I am thinking, there are 12 million Jews in the whole world, and shrinking, against Islam's 1.6 billion people which will double in 20 years.   
A few "disappeared " Arabs out of 8 million and growing in the USA is not going to make a dent! Arabs are but a few out of the Muslim population in America. Or the world, for that matter. Then you have the Chinese, Mexican, German, British, Irish, Native American, Bosnian, African American, Iranian, Indonesian, Pakistan, Indian, Afghani, Somali, white converts, etc. all here in America. One happy, growing  Muslim family!

So...just wait a few years, ya? When the white Christians turn against the Jews as they historically do, see who comes to the rescue! It won't be the Muslims as in the days of old! (I think I just quoted Colonel Gaddafi from a UN speech)  As for the Christians, it would seem to me that making friends with the Muslims only makes sense. Remember this: 
Don't end up like this guy - have a safe New Year's Eve!
stripped of our masks we are all just plain whitefolk !

”Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor's noisy party than being there.” 

Or: "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"

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