The Writing on the Wall

  • Thousands rallied in support of Palestinians on Friday, with demonstrators in Jordan's capital heeding a call by Facebook organizers to demand a sovereign Palestinian state, others near the Jordanian-Israeli border chanting "Death to Israel," and still more activists filling Cairo's Tahrir Square.
  • In Cairo, where the protest was also called to denounce recent Muslim-Christian violence, Palestinian flags filled the square.
  • "Egypt is Palestine. All Arab nations are Egypt," said Ola Adel, a 20-year-old law student. "This protest is not about forming an army and heading to Gaza. It is about pressuring our officials to support the Palestinians demands."
    "The occupation is a disgrace for the international community and it must end," added Mansour to loud applause from the crowd, who urged, "death to Israel."
  • Turkey supports Palestine's request to become UN member. Davutoglu said Turkey's policy was to support Palestine's demand to be recognized, and it was high time that Palestine was acknowledged as a state.
  • Embassador Freeman:

    A new game is clearly beginning. A self-confident, religiously tolerant but secular Turkey has emerged as a major influence on regional affairs and as an inspiration to its democrats. Arab diplomacy is being invigorated by the aftereffects of the revolutions in Egypt and elsewhere. There is mounting pressure on all Arab governments to accord greater deference to popular opinion in both domestic and foreign policy. The Middle East will no longer allow itself to be the diplomatic playground of great powers outside it. There will, however, be new opportunities for interested outside parties to forge diplomatic partnerships with those in the region. Opportunities, like, a unified Fatah-Hamas government which has become a significant development in this emerging “new game”. 
  • what would follow a unilateral Palestinian declaration: At that moment, every Israeli apartment in Jerusalem's French Hill neighborhood will become illegal. Every military base in the West Bank will be contravening the sovereignty of an independent UN member state. The Palestinians will not be obligated to accept demilitarization and peace and to recognize the occupation.
  • An internationally recognized Palestinian state, with a flag flying at the United Nations, would level the playing field for negotiations.
  • US public supports Palestine statehood 
  • The United States cannot use its veto to prevent Palestinian recognition by the United Nations.
    • A Palestinian state can sue not only Israel, for violating the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, 1948, but also the United States of America, for aiding and abetting Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people in violation of Article III(e) of the 1948 Genocide Convention that expressly criminalizes “complicity” in genocide.
    • More than 130 countries have officially recognized Palestine as a state based on the 1967 borders, the boundaries that existed before Israel occupied East al-Quds (Jerusalem), the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. The United States and Israel have criticized the move and have so far refused to recognize an independent Palestinian state. 

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