The gods do laugh at our best laid plans

The Pentagons New Map - Thomas Barnett lecture
  4 years ago
  Here is the new policy of the New World Order laid out for all to see. Thomas Barnett lectures on the "new" role of the United States as "Global Enforcer" for the Internationalist Bankers.
Several years ago I watched Thomas Barnett on Booknotes when his book came out and he said, "if you want to know how it is all going, just follow the map". So I bought the book and did exactly that. And now in 2011 how are things going according to the Pentagon's new map? The US has not created stability ANYwhere they have created global INstability. They went in to "fix" the "failed" states (the independent ones)  and came out with their own failed state! The USA is not the USA anymore. SO  Russia and China are declaring they are going to create a New World Order! Ha!  Pentagon's New Map  *FAIL*

The Republicans are blaming Obama ! Of course, the black man did it. He FAILED the white man's burden! "How's that for change, muthafuckaz!" hahaha


  1. Hey Genie,...I've just searched off the back of your Post for any jootube opportunity to download this thing - Nada, unless of course you have a link; would be appreciated.

    Luv ya werk babe!


  2. Yeah ya just have to go straight to the source to embed.



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