Inside Iran- The Young, Impoverished and Restless

 It's Imperialism Dummy!

im·pe·ri·al·ism (m-pîr--lzm)
1. The policy of extending a nation's authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations.
This Iranian fool is lamenting  that NATO has not yet bombed them to freedom in Iran. He would have us believe the Iranians are there watching the sky waiting and hoping for those freedom bombs to start dropping! They are asking one other. "Where is the world?" like they are in a holocaust. They would know holocaust  if NATO "dropped" them a "liberation"  visit. Guess he doesn't read the papers.  The photo is the original on the post too. Curious indeed.

From a senior engineer of Iranian descent often in Iran

The view from within Iran is that, “help us get rid of this regime”, people are even willing to welcome an all out air assault if it ends up with an eventual regime change , move to secularize, and early stages of democracy.
I do not see an attack on Iran in the coming year. However if there is ever a good time to attack the regime with air strikes this is it. The  removal of the  subsidies by the government  every day common goods which accrued about 3 months ago which has now resulted in a major price increase on common good is just hitting the average poke book.
The utilities have gone up over %50 and in some cases more than doubled.
The number of factories closing down and the businesses going out of business which results in major layoffs is on the rise. The oil exports are decreasing and more oil wells are being shut down due to technical problems.
The majority of people have lost hope of meaningful reform.
You know I don’t know, if Iran will be attacked or not. The world had many reasons [??] and opportunities to do so before. I think they will just wait and see this regime dissolve itself and fail. It is the least expensive way.  I certainly see no cohesive policy toward Iran from the US.
[ My response: Write a letter to Natenyahu and ask him what's the effin deal]

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