I am having a Palestine history day (or longer) after listening to the nefarious disinfo interview presentation by EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton on RT this morning.  Israel, settlements and Gaza were one item in the package. She spoke with "wisdom and understanding" as she said that the Gazans need freedom of movement for their future. (She lies.) She makes clear that the Israeli settlements are against International law and Israel and Palestinians need to get back to "talks." When you know the history of the issue you laugh, if you are lucky, or vomit if not, whenever "talks" is repeated ad nauseam by the western powers or Israel. I don't know how  they say it with a straight face. You become disgusted when they speak of Gaza as if improving life in Gaza is something in the nature of altruistic. The nerve, who does she think she's talking to? Oh yeah, ignorant Americans. Gaza is not Palestine, it's a part of Palestine. The 1967 "war" was just an extension of the 1948 "war." It's all one system of genocide.  For 63 years Palestinians are systematically terrorized and murdered by the foreign occupiers. "Israelis"" also like to play with their state of the art weapons provided by the U.S.  They are not held accountable for their criminal acts (no such thing) so it is the natural thing to do. Killing Palestinians is legal defacto in International Law.  Just call them terrorists and no one questions beyond that. Killing any Arab is legal de facto. Israel was not created for peaceful purposes it cannot become a peaceful state in Palestine.  Send the Rothschild horde back from whence it came (spawned) . Let them flee with the clothes on their backs like the Palestinians! Let the Palestinian kids adopt their toys and pets like the Jew kids adopted the Palestinian toys and pets. Let them have food in the fridge and cars in the garage and sheets on the beds. I believe in the law of Providence; what goes around comes around.

15 October 1937, in the course of his presidential address to the All-India Muslim League Session at Lucknow, Muhammad Ali Jinnah said:
“May I now turn and refer to the question of Palestine? It has moved the Mussalmans all over India most deeply. The whole policy of the British Government has been a betrayal of the Arabs, from its very inception. Fullest advantage has been taken of their trusting nature. Great Britain has dishonoured her proclamation to the Arabs, which had guaran-teed them complete independence for the Arab homelands and the formation of an Arab Confederation under the stress of the Great War. After having utilized them, by giving them false promises, they installed themselves as the Mandatory Power with that infamous Balfour Declaration, which was obviously irreconcilable and incapable of simultaneous execution. Then, having pursued the policy to find a national home for the Jews, Great Britain now proposes to partition Palestine, and the Royal Commission’s recommendation completes the tragedy. If given effect to, it must necessarily lead to the complete ruination and destruction of every legitimate aspiration of the Arabs in their homeland -- and now we are asked to-look at the realities! But who created this situation? It has been the handiwork of and brought about sedulously by the British statesmen ... I am sure I am speaking not only of the Mussalmans of India but of the world; and all sections of thinking and fair-minded people will agree, when I say that Great Britain will be digging its grave if she fails to honour her original proclamation, promises and intentions -- pre war and even post-war -- which were so unequivocally expressed to the Arabs and the world at large. I find that a very tense feeling of excitement has been created and the British Government, out of sheer desperation, are resorting to repressive measures, and ruthlessly dealing with the public opinion of the Arabs in Palestine. The Muslims of India will stand solid and will help the Arabs in every way they can in the brave and just struggle that they are carrying on against all odds.”[6]
At the same session at Lucknow, under the presidentship of Jinnah, the All-India Muslim League passed the following resolution on Palestine:
“The All-India Muslim League declares, in the name of the Mussalmans of India, that the recommendations of the Royal Palestine Commission and the subsequent statement of policy presented… to Parliament conflict with their religious sentiments and in the interests of world peace demands its rescission without further delay.

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