Israel PM comes up with new way to rescue Shalit

" as salamu alaikum" from Gilad Shalit 
Intensify torture of Palestinians in the Nazi death camps is always a Zionist crowd pleaser. 
There is no more Gilad the Israeli. Gilad has grown up with the Palestinians, he has read the Quran and been shown photos of the thousands of babies the IOF has murdered. They have deprogrammed him from Zionist lies. Either that or he was killed in Cast Lead with the rest of them, take your pick!

The Israeli PM has been trying to come up with creative ways to rescue Gilad Shalit, an IDF soldier who is in captivity in Gaza.

According to Ynet, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been considering worsening the incarceration conditions of Palestinian prisoners in order to pressure Hamas to release Shalit.

Officials in Jerusalem have suggested Mr Netanyahu may implement recommendations of a report written by former Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann, who said Israel should cancel some of the prisoners' benefits in order to gain leverage in the Shalit matter.

Friedmann's report was ratified by Israel, but its recommendations were never implemented while negotiations were still ongoing.

With talks now deadlocked the prime minister appears to be reconsidering applying the additional pressure.

Gilad Shalit has been in captivity for five years.


  1. Hey Genie,...I laughed so hard I gagged on my carrot stick: The preposterous notion that a Palestinian's life COULD be made worse in a satanic hell-hole! These yids have GOT to go and I mean GO in a flash and bang followed by pink mist and the smell of cordite...Oh and fuck turkey(grin) it's run by sabbatean yids anyway.

    Go girl!


  2. Strange how the Israelis cannot get him freed.

    - Aangirfan

  3. agreed veritas. I have this particular weed plant that is taking over my good plants in my backyard. I can't even pull it out, it grows it's roots around the other plants and sucks the nutrients so that what I end up with is just the weed plant. I call it the Jew weed.


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