Jewish Psyops – From Lampshades to Libya

The Jewish Press, February 21, 1991

Eric Hunt
Lately there has been a great deal of fishy Psyops type stories in the news. Remember the one about porn found at the Bin Laden compound?
Here’s the latest one, that brings to mind the Kuwait incubator hoax covered in my documentary. (editor's note: also linked in my sidebar "The Last Days of the Big Lie")
Gadhafi is accused of ordering Viagra for his soldiers in order to commit mass rape against the opposition.
Note the lack of details, sources…
Just as Iraq denied the incubator story and invited investigators, the Libyan government denies this as well -
Moussa Ibrahim, the Libyan government’s spokesman, said: “It’s the same old nonsense. We have always asked, time and again, for people to come on the ground and investigate all accusations against us.
“Unfortunately many people to choose to accuse us cheaply of many many crimes and they refuse to come on the ground and investigate.”
Countries like Libya, independent of Jewish central banking, are considered a threat to the New World Order, or Jew World Order.

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