Plants and Meat Beets (1958)

The September 28, 1958 Chicago Tribune ran this Closer Than We Think! strip about meat-plants of the future.

The text on the strip reads:
There will be less grazing land in tomorrow's crowded world, so beefsteaks may have to be replaced by extracted vegetable proteins flavored with synthetics that taste like real meat.
According to Cal Tech biologist James Bonner, new varieties of  plants, rich in fats and edible proteins will be developed. Interest in  this idea is already evidenced at the Michigan Agricultural Board where  plans for a "phytotron" - or ultra-controlled greenhouse - are under  way. This equipment will facilitate the study of plant characteristics -  and show how to modify them.

Bonner also predicted at a  recent Seagram scientific symposium that future farms could be operated  by tapes fed through master control panels.

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