Salehi Slams US Possession of World’s Largest Chemical Stockpile

Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi denounced the US for possessing the world's largest stockpile of chemical arms, despite being a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) that requires signatories to abolish their arsenal of such weapons by April 29, 2012, said a Foreign Ministry press release on Tuesday.

The statement coincides with the 24th anniversary of a massive chemical attack by the former Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein on the Iranian city of Sardasht in 1987, IRNA reported.
Sardasht, an Iranian city near the border with Iraq, was attacked by four bombs containing 250 kilograms (550 lb) of mustard gas. The bombs were dropped in the densely populated town center.

The Iranian foreign minister blamed a number of Western countries for providing the former Iraqi regime with chemical weapons in order to undermine the nascent Islamic Revolution of Iran.
Earlier in the day, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also described the use of chemical weapons against Iranian civilians during the 1980-88 Iraqi-imposed war as international terrorism led by Western powers.

"Today we are witnessing the emergence of an ominous and evil phenomenon by the name of terrorism, which is undoubtedly the result of moral corruption and the desire to impose dominance on others," said the president.

Salehi added in the statement that the US is making no efforts to meet its CWC commitments, nor does it persuade the "Israeli" regime, its closest Middle East ally, to join the convention. Thus the world is faced with a major threat of nuclear arms, he emphasized.

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