Sunday, 12 June 2011 01:35 Ryan Dawson

The NWO's schemes are always so unsubtle. The very first leaks to hit the headlines were the words of world leaders pleading with America to bomb Iran. There was no subtlety at all. The plan wasn't even disguised. The NWO - clever? I don't think so. The public - stupid? Not at all. Even those who believed these leaks to have been genuine are aware in any case that middle-east leaders' words in these leaks merely show THE EXTENT OF THE CORRUPTION - which we were already aware of. To sum-up, rather than these "leaks" achieving firmly fixing in our minds how much of a threat Iran is, the only thing these leaks confirm is that Saudi & others are UP TO THEIR NECKS in this conspiracy. The NWO is so out of touch with what the public knows and what they don't know. They under-estimate us constantly, much to their own detriment. They really need to get a grip. JULIAN ASSANGE ARREST The elites have underestimated the public by having Julian Assange arrested too, as, rather than his arrest adding weight that Iran really is the bad man because the King Abdula of Saudi said so, it merely highlights that the American government can run amok whenever it pleases, & serves solely to strengthen the public's' resolve to jail all the elites. The elites really are becoming very very stupid.
Source: Ryan Dawson

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