How Long do we Allow Israel to Attack Children?

[As far as I am concerned, every "Israel" supporter has willingly sold their soul. Palestine is no longer a secret and there is no excuse for ignorance. If they accept lies over truth it is a personal moral problem which neither truth nor admonishment will change the fact. I do believe in constantly holding up the mirror, though, because they like to twist the facts. They know they have sold their soul yet they don't like to see the devil looking back at them in the mirror. I like that bit of irony.]

The time has come to stop the war crime capitol of the world from killing any more innocents.
Artwork by the amazing Carlos Latuff, friend of in Rio de Janeiro. To see more of his work, visit: Latuff Gallery

(SALEM, Ore.) - We learned last week from our sources in Israel, that the Murder case involving little Abir Aramin, an 8-year old girl shot by Israeli soldiers while buying gum from a kiosk next to her elementary school, will be closed.

Abir Aramin's life was valuable.

The 'immoral' to the story is the precedent set by this case; it means children shot by Israeli Defence Forces in the future will also be dismissed and forgotten - as long as there was more than one Israeli soldier present, and none admit to being the one who pulled the trigger. I hate to imagine what kind of sentence they would even receive for killing the little girl, possibly six months? It would not be fitting by any form of comparison.
Each of of you who 'supports Israel' is making a grave error. Each time you let your ignorance of what is really taking place there, a racist flesh grind packed with screams from dying babies, sign your name to it. Tell people you believe in it.
Tell them you support the 'victim state' of Israel. Tell them you believe in the oppression, that you support theft and do not believe there is anything wrong with Israel stealing another Palestinian family's home.

Tell the world next, how you would react if you were in the shoes of the Palestinians. They didn't ask to be who they are, or where they are, they just are.
The idea that these children must be killed by Israel before they grow up to become terrorists will be the end of us all, and a most deserving one.
What the hell happened to humanity? It is one thing to have the wool pulled over your eyes, it is another thing to go on supporting what is clearly wrong after your eyes are opened. I admit I am unable to shake the image of little Abir, I speculate as to who she may have become in this world, but mostly I wonder what gets into the hearts of men to do anything like this.
This world is going to hell in a handbasket over Israel and the history of the murderous USA which lost its soul sometime after WWII. Back then people still had the balls to speak out, to stand up. Today they are a bunch of willy nilly sheep running around going baaah! Baaah!
And what happens to sheep again? Oh yeah, they are led to slaughter, that's it. You swipe their fur a couple of times and then slit their throat.
This is the position Americans are headed for if they don't pull their heads out of their proverbial asses.

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  1. 'the murderous USA which lost its soul sometime after WWII.'

    Yes the jewish 5th column was well entrenched in the USA after the war. King (a jewish name) is correct, we are all fucked if things continue as they are, here in Britain/ Ireland things no different. WE are 100% ruled by the jew banks and media stooges but like sheeple to the slaughter nobody say's a dam thing.


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