Imperial Arrogance In Hama: U.S. Interference in Syria Must End
July 12, 2011

After the televised flagrant violation of diplomatic protocol by the US Ambassador to Syria last week, it’s time for Arab-Americans to demand an end to all US interference in the internal affairs of the country.  The imperial arrogance on display during a public relations stunt staged by the U.S. embassy in Damascus amidst a few protesters in Hama betrayed the supremacist, colonial mentality with which American and Western leaders continue to approach the Arab world.  It is in the interest of both Americans and Syrians that Arab-Americans should demand an end to US meddling, either directly or through regional proxies, in Syria.  Indeed, the US government should stop interfering in the internal affairs of all Arab countries and every other region in the world.  During a time of economic near collapse with schools shutting down, infrastructure crumbling,  poverty on the rise, the number of homeless families increasing, growing disparity between rich and poor, and the middle class under attack, there is enough for our government to deal with right here in the U.S. without pursuing any Neo-colonial aspirations in Syria.  Since the dumb president that invaded Iraq has since been replaced with the “smart” one, hopefully this American administration is aware of how Syrians have historically viewed and dealt with foreign colonial projects and recognizes their futility in Syria.
Can you imagine the reaction of the State Department if the Syrian Ambassador in Washington DC was to participate in or attend a protest in any American city no matter how small it might be? American and other Western leaders continue to approach the Arab world with a colonial nostalgia and a sense of entitlement to interfere in its societies and control political events.  Unsurprisingly, the Arabs with an inferiority complex, and especially those who spend their time in Washington DC slavishly appealing to the political elite will not only fail to condemn the type of arrogant interference witnessed in Hama, but are likely to welcome it and parrot the official propaganda line based on the fiction of American moral authority and concern for protesters. Arab-American Political Science Professor, As’ad AbuKhalil, who is not a supporter of the Syrian regime and has called for its overthrow,  offered a detailed examination of what was obviously a staged media event by the American embassy in Damascus.  A link to the video is included in the post.
The provocation in Hama is an opportunity for Syrian opponents of the Damascus regime in Washington, Paris, or other European capitals to make their position on continuing American and Western interference in Syria clear, and disassociate themselves from all those linked to anti-Syrian governments.  Not doing so will render them outside the realm of legitimate opposition and ensure their rejection by Syrians of all political persuasions.
As for the  Syrian-Americans funded by the U.S. Government, popping up in the halls of Congress and the State Department, attending meetings  at the White House, posing as academics at pro-Zionist  ”think tanks”, or newly declared “political analysts” reaching out to the surviving Neo-Cons, you are either extremely naive or self-serving opportunists.  What is certain, however, is that you do not represent any segment within Syrian society, neither among supporters of the Syrian regime nor members of the legitimate and loyal (to Syria) opposition which have never heard of most of you.  By dispensing with your dignity and self-respect and offering your services to the same anti-Syrian US foreign policy establishment that sponsors Syria’s enemy and enables the occupation of the Golan Heights, you are loudly proclaiming you are not the legitimate voice of any group within Syria, and most certainly not democracy and human rights activists. Incidentally, are you aware that among the pro-Zionist, anti-Syrian American politicians you’re appealing to in hopes of leveraging American military might against Syria, it’s customary to not even criticize the US government while traveling abroad to other countries?  Do you ever ask yourselves what they really think of you?  Maybe you’re hoping to be cast as the Ahmad Chalabis and Iyad Allawis of Syria in a new American colonial adventure, or perhaps even dream of arriving into Damascus on the back of American tanks or through a Libyan-style NATO bombardment, but you would be mistaken.  When the current civil unrest settles, and regardless of any changes, you will have no role in Syria which will remain a fully independent and sovereign Arab state.  You are not a part of Syria’s past or its present, and you will definitely not be a part of its future.
Opposition to foreign interference and Western/U.S. imperialism is part of Syrian political culture.  The Syrian Arab people, in addition to demanding fundamental changes in the Syrian body politic, are unanimously committed to preserving their full independence and sovereignty, liberating the Golan Heights and defeating the Zionist project in Palestine, the Southern region of historic Syria, and it has not passed unnoticed these are precisely the issues on which you remain conspicuously silent.

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