Iran leads the world on drugs seizures

Iran leads the world on drugs seizures. 2996.jpeg
This is a story which is bound not to make the corporate media: The UNO has praised the Islamic Republic of Iran for being the country which has taken the lead on seizing illicit drugs and hopes the rest of the world will follow suit. It seems that while Iran is seizing drugs, production soars under NATO's nose in Afghanistan.

While NATO stands guard over the opium fields in Afghanistan, where production has sky-rocketed, enter the Islamic Republic of Iran to seize record quantities of illicit drugs. Now we see who the real bad guys are and start to question whether a word coming out of NATO capitals can be believed. Apparently not.

According to the UNO, Iran is providing a "vital strategic role" in curbing the trafficking of drugs - indeed it has the highest rate of seizures of opium and heroin in the world. Iran is responsible for capturing 89 per cent of the world's opium snatches and 41 per cent in the case of heroin. Iran spends millions of USD every year in countering the drugs trade and employs thousands of police officers. The information comes from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) World Drug report 2011.

UNODC Director Yuri Fedotov has stated upon his arrival in Iran: "I am here to lend support for Iran's vital strategic role in curbing illicit drugs. I hope the international community will follow suit and support Iranian anti-narcotics measures," adding that "Iran has put in place one of the world's strongest counter-narcotics responses. Its counter narcotics efforts, good practices and concerns deserve the acknowledgment of the international community."

The Iranian Government, according to the UNODC, "in partnership with non-governmental partners, is providing effective drug treatment and has developed comprehensive HIV prevention, treatment, and care and support services for injecting drug users".

The UNODC Director also praised Teheran for its important role in the regional combat against drugs trafficking.

It will be interesting to see whether this story reaches the corporate media. Something tells me it won't because certain countries support Fascist regimes in Latin America which are engaged in exporting cocaine, are engaged in supporting Albanians in the Balkans engaged in trafficking heroin and are engaged in watching over a spike in production on NATO's watch in Afghanistan.

Hmmm... Is NATO involved in the drugs trade as well?

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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