“Israel” Plans to Double Settlement Area in Jordan Valley

Arab Palestine

On the whole, when it comes to the common water resources shared with Palestinians and other Arabs, Israel ... acts like a great sponge. -- Sharif Elmusa (1993) http://desip.igc.org/TheftOfWater.html

As a settler community, the Jewish state has historically taken for itself land and resources belonging to its Arab inhabitants and the neighboring Arab countries. A clear example of Israel's appropriation of the water belonging to Arabs is Israel's interest early on in diverting the waters of the Jordan River from the Jordan Valley to the Mediterranean and to the Negev.

"Israel" has announced a plan to double the size of its settlements in the strategic Jordan Valley area in the West Bank.

The move was announced in Haaretz daily financial paper The Marker. The plan foresees a doubling in agriculture areas given to settlers in the region.
The plan is designed to accommodate the growth of current settlements as well as attract new settler families to the resource rich Valley, according to the Zionist Federation.
Human rights organization BT Salem has strongly criticized "Israeli" settlement and natural resource exploitation policies in the mineral and resource rich region. The organization reported extensive exploitation of water and mineral resources such as rock and Dead Sea minerals as well as the financial exploitation of religious and other tourist sites in the area by the "Israeli" state.
A recent opinion poll by the "Israeli" Association for Civil Rights showed that most "Israeli's" are unaware that the Jordan Valley is occupied under international law and that Palestinians constitute the majority of residents in the area.
In 2009 these signs were all placed at the driveways or entrance roads to Palestinian homes in the valley as a first step  to scare the Palestinian inhabitants  off the land.

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