Jamal Shurjeh plans to make film on Palestine


Tehran Times Art Desk
TEHRAN -- Iranian director Jamal Shurjeh says he plans to make a film about Palestine this year.
The story of “And Christ Witnessed” is set in Bethlehem, a town in northwestern Jordan, which has been occupied by the Zionist regime since 1967. The town is the birthplace of Jesus and David.

However, shooting will be carried out on locations in Syria and Lebanon, Shurjeh told the Persian service of the Fars News Agency on Monday.

The screenplay of the film has been written by Monem Saeidi and group of Iranian, Palestinian, and Lebanese screenwriters has teamed up to revise it.

Most of the cast members will be hired from among Arab actors, Shurjeh said.

Producer Mahmud Fallah has begun talks with several organizations to provide necessary financial support for the film.

Shurjeh’s latest film “33 Days”, on the Israeli 33-Day War of 2006 against Lebanon, is scheduled to premiere in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Tunisia.

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