Libyan Quicksand

The propaganda is clearly evident and the Gaddafi opposition guests that stated that there was this "massacre" of Libyan people are being completely disingenuous. While listening to the upside down logic of these people I realized that they and US Republicans are synonymous . They are backward. They get offended when the NATO "intervention" is referred to as aggression, they insist it is a "liberation." They keep talking about democracy, as if the West is investing billions to give it to them! And then walk away! HEEELLO, it's imperialism, stupid. But they know that. They are dumb like a fox. If Gaddafi is scum they are worse scum hoping to take his place via the scum imperialist powers.

An intervention that was supposed to last several days has already exceeded 3 months. What is the goal of the operation and is there any strategy? What will France achieve by handing arms to the rebels? And does NATO have a clear vision of how to end the conflict without killing more civilians?

CrossTalking with Anas El Gomati, Jim Brann and Omar Turbi.

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