Norwegian Killer Linked to Tea Party and EDL
Anders Behring Breivik posted links to the Atlas Shrugs website of the Tea Party’s Pamela Geller. Here you can see him under the name of Anders Behring (his middle name) posting links to Geller’s “Atlas Shrugs” site. That cache page is bing translated from Norwegian.
Here is a video of Pamela Geller addressing the Tennessee Tea Party convention. This is a list of links I just copied off her Atlas shrugs website to a stream of virulent anti Norwegian-Muslim articles Geller has been publishing:
January 2009: NORWAY: Jewish children are not allowed to play outdoors –
April 2011: Norway: Muslim Taxidrivers Refuse to Drive Jews to Synagogue
May 2009: More Jewish Graves Desecrated in Norway
2011: Norway: ALL Rapes In Past 5 Years Committed By Muslims
2008: Jewish Genocide watch: Jew Hatred in Norway Part II
2009: JIHAD ON THE JEWS: Something rotten in the state of Norway
2008: ISLAM ATTACKS – Death for Writer! Norway Hides
2007: Massive Islamic Terror Plots: Germany, Norway, Denmark
2007: Email from Norway
2006: Norway calls for Israel Boycott
The links themselves appear to have been disabled. You could still see the links on Atlas Shrugs here as I type this. Someone more technically proficient than me might want to grab a screenshot before the list vanishes.
Geller has been actively promoting links between the Tea Party and the English Defence League. Geller states on her website that she had been in Oslo to attend a pro-Israel rally. It would be interesting to know whether Anders Behring-Breivik was also on that rally.
We are told that Behring Breivik acted alone. In truth he had ideological and communication links with organised far right networks every bit as solid as the comparable connections of Islamic terrorists.

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