Surprise! Terror Hysteria: Worse After Bin Laden "Killing"

NYT  with examples of how the cure makes the disease worse, and, if it  doesn’t, the doctors pretend anyway. But it was all worth it, surely, to  satisfy the primal need for vengeance against enemies real and  imagined. Surely we should be willing to give up all rights and  liberties to that end.

In large and midsize cities across the country, police  chiefs and domestic security officials say they have drastically  increased counterterrorism operations under the assumption that a “lone  wolf” or a small group of terrorists will try to strike on American soil  to avenge the killing of Osama bin Laden.
A police officer and a sniffer dog on Thursday at Los Angeles International Airport after a demonstraton of the dogs.
Although there are no known specific or credible threats, many of the  officials said they are convinced that operatives of Al Qaeda or  sympathizers will be highly motivated in the weeks and months before the  10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, according to interviews with  more than a dozen police chiefs and senior counterterrorism officials.
The officials said they were especially concerned that a terrorist  plot would focus on a target perceived to be “soft,” like a train  station or a shopping mall.

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