Israeli’s are immune to 9/11 litigation in Patriot Act

Michael Chertcoff (Dual Israeli/US citizen) wrote it, not John Ashcroft. Inside the Patriot Act, it gives immunity to ANY Israeli against litigation related to 9/11. If the public knew this, there would be an uprising against the Act….
Jews have a history of false flag operations

The King David Hotel Bombing, the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty attack are a few of the well-documented Jewish false flag operations, in all cases involving the Jews pretending to be Arab Muslims.

The necessity of a Pearl Harbor-type incident

The ACB Document prepared by Israeli referred to a plan to conquer the Middle East by creating a flawless image of Israel and portraying it as Americas great ally. This was duplicated by PNAC (Jewish think tank in America). The Jewish authors of the ACB document wrote a PNAC paper on Rebuilding Americas Defenses where they called for a catalyzing event such as a new Pearl Harbor-type incident.
Bridge discrepancy

Empire State Building 9/11 Elephant

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