NATO is in big trouble

As much as I agree with the basic sentiment of this article, I am not accustomed to witnessing accountability where the issue of imperialism/war criminals is concerned and so hardly would have reason to expect it. Be it the US government, Israel (especially Israel), NATO or war criminals in the UK. The western thugs run free like a pack of wolves and there is no one to challenge them. They have kicked out all the good guys and taken over everything.
We have a genocide in Palestine that has been occurring right before our eyes and no one can stop it. I have been watching it since the 1980's along with all the other imperialist war crimes around the world. I see nothing has changed and if anything just gets worse. The more the wolves consume the more they want. They, in trouble for breaking laws, international or otherwise? There is nothing legal about anything they have done in the world. There is nothing legal about Israel but there it is, the biggest criminal of them all and nuclear armed. Israel exists because Imperialism (Rothschild) says so. Israel is the model, it says everything about the state of the world in which we live. As long as Rothschild Israel exists all is not morally well with the world and justice means nothing to those in power since those in power are the ones who should be hanged in the first place. Are they going to hang themselves?

25.08.2011 | 20:06
NATO is in big trouble. 3014.jpeg

Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) of the UN Security Council were very clear in their terms: No foreign military personnel, no mercenaries, no weapons to the parties in conflict and inspection of vessels ferrying arms and soldiers. NATO has breached all four counts and now is liable for prosecution under international law.

Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) of the UN Security Council stated very clearly and categorically that there were to be no foreign troops on the ground in Libya, there were to be no mercenaries, neither were foreign powers to arm the parties to the conflict, as well as imposing the obligation on parties surrounding this to investigate vessels shipping in personnel or arms. NATO has not only failed on all four counts, it has categorically breached them all. NATO is guilty of breaching international law, and there will be consequences.

Quite apart from its obvious breaches of international law, NATO is liable for war crimes - strafing civilian structures such as the water supply system, to "break the population", strafing civilian structures with military hardware, murdering civilians in their homes by precision-bombing children, strafing civilians using Apache helicopters from the USA (isn't there a law in the US about that?).

The more this conflict goes on, the more sinister NATO becomes and the more those of us who knew Colonel Gaddafi's projects and thanked him for his wonderful humanitarian policies (which irritated practically all the players in the western lobbies) are convinced that we have been right from day one, whatever the outcome. This is backed up by today's message from Muammar al-Qathafi, Leader of the Green Committees Movement, in his address to the World Green Committees, in which he called on his supporters to stand firm, encouraged those who said they were depressed, exhorted people not to use violence if possible.

For those who accuse Colonel Gaddafi of terrorism, then let each and every one suffer the crimes that the Black and Tans did to innocent civilians in Ireland, and then come here look me in the face and speak of terrorism. For those who accuse Colonel Gaddafi of terrorism, show me one shred of tangible evidence.

Colonel Gaddafi spread knowledge, not fear. He spread e-learning programmes, he spread telemedicine programmes across Africa while others, from the countries NATO represents left what legacy? 500 years of slavery, of colonialism and pillaging and raping Africa of its resources.

Colonel Gaddafi, as I write, is not finished. He can and would, if given a chance, spread these social and developmental programmes further, if NATO was not so intent on killing him and destroying his country.

The world is at a crossroads. Today, August 2011, we are facing a monumental battle between the forces of evil against an innocent man and an innocent and heroic population. The world is watching Goliath trying to devour David, who fights back heroically against NATO and its Satanic forces of evil who are racists, who have decapitated people in the streets, murdered children (like NATO) raped women and looted.

There is fresh evidence that foreign mercenaries are being deployed by NATO - British, French, Qatari and UAE military personnel have been captured; the Libyan Armed Forces allowed the British to come and collect their dead and wounded as they fled screaming, while the Royal Air Force would have strafed them.

And a clear sign that NATO represents evil is the sinister new practice of deleting facebook accounts of independent journalists, the alleged threats by CNN staff against numerous independent journalists in Tripoli (under investigation) and the media blackout from Libya. However it is not sufficient. We have other ways and means besides Facebook.

There are other social networks. We have other means besides channels like SKY, CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera. There is an international movement to boycott them. There are also commercial consequences: a pan-African movement is being implemented to lock NATO countries out of Africa. You murdered Libyan kids? No place in Africa, no contract. Go steal your own resources, not ours.

And a new international community is being formed by the people of the world, who are flocking towards the Jamahiriya system of government (Read The Green Book *).

It is difficult to know what NATO wanted out of this. It was not peace, for they refused to negotiate. It was not democracy, for they refused to heed the call for elections. Could it then have been simply and only to steal a sovereign country's resources by murdering its people?

Now what, ladies and gentleman, will posterity say to that? Messrs. Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy, and that sickening clique of cowards in NATO, you are in deep, deep trouble. And by God, are you going to pay for what you have done...

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


  1. wonderful article ma cherie. Thank you for posting. Like you I am repulsed by what is going on. I found an old conversation that I posted of an accidental chat picked up between Bush and Blair, 6 years ago, in which they discussed what is now going on in Syria.

    Everything is right on schedule. I find at times lately I just feel overwhelmed by so much of it. But I am also taking more time away from it because I just need to clean out. I am sure you understand.

    The chemtrails, I just see them.

    No accepting but getting all angry only ruins the day and that is part of their strategy I am sure.

    The blight on the spirit as well as the body. There is nothing we can do really about the radio-active fallout any more. Fukushima is everywhere and rapidly weaving itself into the cellular makeup of every single thing on this planet.

    Just post the facts and move on. Nothing more to see here.

    As for posterity. Hmmm. Well as far as the elite are concerned, they will be no brained, self indulgent, totally in the moment, busy consumers. History? who needs it? Whoops there goes memory, let's just go play on our electronic toys now. So now.....

    The problem with losing the concept of freedom and freedom of thought is that once gone, how do you know what you lost? This goal is accomplished over generations and the PTB operate on that level.
    People like us we are the holdouts.

    Once our generation is gone there will be a whole world of new adults who are prepared through school and media from infancy up to accept the new ways....

    BTW, Genie, love the new page ... very classy once again!

    If you need any sites with new image along that macabre line.... I don't remember if I sent them to you before but I have a few and some very cool images stashed away as well. Easy to zip and share. I would not post them myself because that is your niche.

    Not my style as attracted as I am to visuals of rotting flesh and dry bone images. Face it, we are sick women. Laughs.

  2. "Not my style as attracted as I am to visuals of rotting flesh and dry bone images. Face it, we are sick women. Laughs."

    LOL! Yes, I am happy to be back to the Macabre (home!)...what can be said except that "death becomes me!" Or my blog, at least! Thanks for noticing!
    Noor, it's true we just have to find a way to accept the realities. Look at the poor Arabs...their corrupt "Muslim" leaders feed them to The Snake by hand and don't flinch about it. God knows what the next generation in the world will face but you're right...they have already been conditioned for it. Strange world, indeed.


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