Reporter of West Bank Protests Files Complaints Against “Israeli” Military

American-"Israeli" photojournalist, Mati Millstein, filed a complaint against the "Israeli" Foreign Press Association, stating that while he was covering a protest in the occupied village of Nabi Saleh, tear gas canisters were fired directly at the reporters covering the protest.

Witnesses affirmed that the "Israeli" military fired twelve rounds of tear gases at the reporters who were visible with yellow jackets labeled PRESS or TV.
Millstein reported that when he went to complain to the "Israeli" soldiers about their actions, he was threatened with arrest and told to stand against a wall.

In an email sent to the Jerusalem Post on Thursday, Millstein complained that "this event is a product of a military environment that increasingly sees the media as an enemy or a fifth column rather as one of the key elements required for the maintenance of a democratic, transparent state".

Furthermore, the reporter added in his email that the "Israeli" military has been increasing the use of "violence and unsophisticated methods against the weekly Palestinian protests".
In this context, Mati Millstein believed that a formal complaint filed against the "Israeli" military is necessary, since the "draconian" methods to prevent press freedom to cover events have been seen as acceptable in the Palestinian occupied territories.

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